2019 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks

2019 Outlook for Cannabis and Pot Penny Stocks Subscribe: The share prices for marijuana penny stocks may be under some pressure in 2019….


  1. hey peter, i've found a company that differentiates themselves from normal LP stocks. They are called Namaste Technology. I don't know if you've heard about them but if you did, can you give me your insight/thoughts on them? thanks

  2. Very good video based on fact and previous trends. I started buying pot stocks in early 2016 and did very well, up over 1100% since then, but sold everything about a month ago after the insane run. I would be very cautious to anyone entering now. I suspect we will continue a down trend from here and see a nice spike when a date is set for legalization but like Peter says these companies are way over valued and will have a hard time justifying there SP when legalization kicks in.

  3. Took cash advances out on my CC for $80k and bought attbf back in November at .12 now my investment is over $393,000. Call it luck or fundamentals but that was like hitting the lottery for me! My money is still in attbf

  4. I agree with Pretty much everything you said in your video. I can't really compare this to the automobile industry just because the product is very different. It has medical purposes that are yet to be discovered (on top of it's current ones), and the plant itself can only be modified to a certain degree. At the end of the day, it is still a plant. It grows, you cut it down, clone it, reproduce the strain, etc…

    companies won't be able to put their names on the products. So essentially, all the products on the shelves will be sold, according to the predicted demand (which I know as a consumer will be true). We have yet to see the full potential of this industry.

    I agree with you that there is a whole lotta dilution with these companies but I don't think it ends with legalization day. The trend will continue for a while. Investors have to be cautious of the smaller players trying to fit in. M&A's are gonna be more frequent in 2019 then Mr. Donald tweets! (That would be impossible)

    I've got this company called Cannabis Wheaton which I think is still under the radar (CBW). Look it up, let me know what you think. (If you find the time)

    Thank you, I really appreciate your opinion even though it differs slightly from mine. Keep up the good work!

  5. i would like to get ur thoughts on abcann global corp. they trade on tsx under abcn that is a company i invested in cause i think it looks good and they are organic weed let me know what you think of them please

  6. i like the info but better than that people will invest in weed its just our nature but to limit the investment only use money you can afford to not have when the market does crash ie dont put all ur money you need to live in weed

  7. Hey Peter good information. I like your style give a man a good stock opinion he eats for a day. Teach a man to trade and find stocks on his own he eats forever.

  8. Hi Peter Leeds,

    For early 2019, long terms put options may come in handy. Had discussed something earlier in one of your video posts. But here is where since then the new things I have followed make sense.

    1. One month ago, James Rickards predicted war (US-NK) in about 6 month and not immediately. I tried hard to find any logic for the prediction of this time estimate of 6 months, but couldn't find any. But, his present work is related to predicting timing using complexity theory. He may be wrong, but there isn't a better expert in timing still. Thus the seriousness… and the opportunity by the put option.

    2. Look at all the news. There is not a single news in the past few weeks that have lowered the tension. Every news is increasing the tension and risk. We know even a partial short lived war will hit the markets. US & NK, none of them are backing down.. they are all in the break through mode.

    3. Lastly, with Russia and China bypassing dollar more and more and being loaded up in Gold and minimizing USD, they can initiate false flag operations too for their benefit (localized war in the peninsula will be US's monetary loss)…

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