2017 Texas Announces Medical Cannabis

Subscribe to get the latest updates! Senator Jose Menendez announces Senate Bill 269, a modification of the current Compassionate Use Act which allows for 0.5% THC High CBD oil for epilepsy…


  1. nigga said “idk y these molecules can’t b in a aspirin” well dumbass, maybe because some people want an organic treatment and not another opiate/pill addiction

  2. I live in ultra-conservative TX and this has always been taboo. I was searching for ways to natually help my wife and studied CBD. I called many maufacturers and fell in love with the staff atVerified CBD. I spoke to Alix and she was from TX and moved to CA to produce this oil. I ordered it and it helped my wife within 3 days. Sleep, no mood swings, and she was a different person. I gave a bottle to my friend because his wife wasnt sleeping and shazaam…it worked for her as well. This stuff works. DO NOT FEEL SHAMED for taking an all natural product. We alrady take other medicines and they're made from worse drugs! Feel proud that you took the step to feel your best physically and emotionally.

  3. the prejudice started wit Nixon, be nice if we could move forward, of course texas has to see everyone else do it before we get on board with something like this

  4. I like how Senator Jose Menendez used the word medicine instead of marijuana. Also I like how he addresses the fact that doctors should have the decisions of medical marijuana being dispensed to patients not people with a seat on the Senate. I get it fully if marijuana is legalized there won't be so many victimless criminal arrest. Which I will add is a big part of how the state makes it money. If these innocent criminal charges are legalized the state and all the county department will lose alot of money profited off these arrest. Meaning less money made by local police departments, less new police cars, uniforms, and departments created to fight against marijuana low level users. Which brings the crime levels down statistically. I mean who wants lower crime stats right. But those same departments will not be job less at all. In fact they will still have to make sure the guides and regulations are being followed. So I ask as so many have, what is wrong with a plant that helps those suffering from cancer to depression, If nothing will change from legalizing marijuana for medical use. Other than the countless and senseless arrests of those in possession of a misdameter amount of marijuana. There will still be those trying to do it illegally there for nothing is lost by the department's that profit off the illegal possession and distribution of marijuana. Just some food for thought.

  5. Js I wasn’t always like this I was in a coma in 8th grade with made me develop a bipolar disorder but I’m coping with it by helping myself by smoking trust me everyone around me can tell when I am not calm

  6. And it can help people who have bipolar depression with keeping calm and not wanting to hurt others or break things or being verbally aggressive can also help us clear our minds when our thoughts are racing like an indi car trust me from experience it helps me each day if I didn’t smoke I would be pissy depressed and hostile so think of all those people like me who would rather have happy and more clear minded people I know ide much rather be clear minded and having a more calm attitude

  7. I’m moving to Colorado this year as soon as I have enough saved because the state keeps lolygaging around with its medical world texas you need to make it legal hear so more kids can be saved at cook children’s hospital like this 9 year old girl I met when I was there after being in a coma she had to be carflighted from cooks children’s hospital to a hospital in Denver so she wouldn’t die and as soon as she got there they got her to calm down and was able to help her because of the marijuana that is available at the hospital there she would have died if they hadn’t called cooks to have them fly her to Colorado thank you Colorado for helping keep her alive now Texas senators get your head out of your asses and help texas into the revolution that is among us we all can benefit from it in so many different ways and we could come up with more ways to help the world you see marijuana was put on our earth to help all of us who are suffering from several different things that the simplest thing like making marijuana legal can fix so why don’t we do that America we all have the right to make America the leader in this and can profit from it a lot with new medical ways to help and ways to save our earth like with electricity and gas for cars think our country going green would help our gas prices go down and people wouldn’t be breathing in all that nasty gas pollution

  8. Hey Texas!!!
    We have a Candidate running for Governor who supports Legalization.
    If you are sick of Greg Abbott's War on legalization get the word out about Tom Wakely

    We need to demonstrate a significant voting block if we ever want Texas to Legalize.

    In my opinion,
    Texas is close to legalization, A Lot of the resistance is fear of backlash from the voters. If we can demonstrate a significant voting block. A Lot of the Texas Legislature will fall in line.
    Get Active!!!!!!


    We provide a wide variety of high-quality cannabis or marijuana strains for your medication and enjoyment.

  10. Thank you Senator Mendez for mentioning me. There are so many other people like myself that need safe access to this medicine in Texas, and not feel fear from law enforcement for doing so.

  11. This is bullshit. TX law says doctors can not recommend cannabis, it says for doctors to prescribe it when the federal law says they cant prescribe. This does nothing. We need 200% more THC for any medicinal effect.

  12. We need to find out which alcohol products companies have contributed money to candidates to keep alcohol legal and pot illegal. This might explain why we are in this ridiculous situation.

  13. Multiple Sclerosis sufferer here. Legalize please, even for recreation its only positive. Smoke sum weed please you politicians!! You let people drive drunk and kill millions a year, weed is a medicinal plant!

  14. I don't know why marijuana usage is considered to be criminal, or people to be held back from employment for using it. It is ridiculous, and I am sick of seeing it. I pray the shit gets legalized in all 50 states. It is safer than taking a drink. Somehow: when marijuana was made illegal, it had nothing to do with public safety. Look at alcohol, a legal drug, and consider how many lives it takes a year. Legalize Weed!

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  16. C'mon Texas the biggest state n still way way fuckin' behind this topic?. Let's do this shit n step up our know how of the many benefits of this flower, n if we are already knowledgeable. Let's call our district​ reps n ask to introduce a bill.

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