Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis | Dedi Meiri | TEDxTelAviv How did Israel become a cannabis empire? Prof Dedi Meiri is the head of the world’s leading cannabis lab in the Technion. In TEDxTelAviv …


  1. I have uterine cancer where can I join a clinical trial in Northern or Southern California.
    (213)338-0657 please let me know.
    Or is there an organization that gives it away?

  2. Big pharma corporations will continue to block any measures for legalisation until they get a massive slice of the pie- FACT
    However putting lives before profit is a risky road even for them…

  3. Marijuana mafia …..this man knows more than most people on the planet and he's spelled it out the strain has to be specific making the medicine complicated meanwhile the bullshiters are selling snake oil at hugely inflated prices…I tried CBD for months at a vast expense for anxiety and insomnia…… nothing … it did absolutely nothing at all for anything I did not even feel it in my body 500$ down the drain ….. I have many aches and pains it did nothing for that either … all it did was make money ? for the company selling it

  4. I started to use medical cannabis about 6 weeks ago. I have severe neuropathy, fibromyalgia and migraines. It is helping my pain and sleep and I'm hoping that after a little while longer it will help my depression and anxiety.

  5. Opium is illegal but opiates are used extensively in the medical world and research is always ongoing. Why is it not the same for marijuana?

  6. please don’t ignore this testimony i am here to give thanks to Dr Rick Simpson for using his oil to cure my uncle cancer of 4 years we have taking him to different hospital the doctors could not cure him and we have spend a lot of money on his cancer until he see a friend who share his testimony about the oil and i quickly email him at ( and i tell him about my uncle situation and received the oil and use it on my uncle now my uncle is totally healthy .thanks to Dr Rick Simpson please email him and help your love ones c(

  7. I know for a fact that Cannabis oil cures skin cancer. I had a blackish colored pimple on my chest that wouldn't heal and started bleeding slightly for over 6 months. I just happened to watch a video that Rick Simpson made, so I bought a 1/2 ounce a weed and made oil out of it, I put some on a bandaid and applied it over the spot and in 2 weeks it was completely gone. That was 7 years ago..

  8. Well think of all the sugar in our food to literally cause people to become diabetic and spend bookoo money on insulin! But won't legalize weed recreationally,but alcohol is legal and many deaths from it….hmmm

  9. The oil extracted from cannabis sativa (hemp) is completely legal across US. The THC-free CBD oil of hemp is not only effective in treating certain conditions, it is also not addicting and is not mind-altering.

  10. Thanks for the TEDxTalk. Our aim is to help improve the quality of people’s lives through the cultivation, extraction and distribution of GMP grade, 100% New Zealand Organic certified cannabis extracts, produced right here in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand.

  11. 1:30 – all of those strains ( varietals) effect your endocannabinoid system = everyone's system… that is Key to how it works… the phytocannabinoids metabolizing in mans endocannabinoid system…

  12. Dear Dedi I wish it was true
    The gap between reality to what described in presentation for patients in israel is huge “medical grade” grow like tikon olam and other is so bad and need to learn fro other world today not the world from us ….

  13. Crimes against humanity.this indeed is one of them. Governments need to step aside and leave the medical field, Period. !! Right now in a roundabout way, THE ENTITY of govt is an occupier where they have No Damm Business getting involved !! THEY ARE NOT EXPERTS NOR DOCTORS !!!

  14. Unfortunatelly 20% CBD and 1% THC is not perscribed to adults and only yo kids with epilepsy. I wish someone will produce high CBD and low THC oils in Israel and allow adults to purchase it too.

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