Best CBD for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD – One Year on CBD REVIEW

This video shares the best CBD oil and dosage for combating anxiety, depression and ADHD issues. I’ve been using CBD for over a year, and I wanted to share …


  1. I have two copies of that same mutation. I did not realize DNA tests show you mutations. Do all the DNA companies show mutations? Gotta get my kids tested and see if they have the same mutation so I can get them the right help. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I get my CBD from Kannaway ! All ingredients listed, third party tested with documents posted and available for all to see, exact mg and size of bottle shown (Found many hide it) They are a top notch company. I did a ton of research before deciding which was the best. They also are proud supporters of the ECHO foundation ! See for yourself (no obligation) @t

  3. My dear hemp seed oil has little or no CBD in it.CBD oil on the other hand does.Google the difference between the two and you'll see what Im talking about.Real CBD oil is illegal unless you have a medical prescription for it in states where its legal .

  4. Hi paige .. i just went of my adhd meds and i’m really depressed and anxious now. Does it get better? Beacause i’m really anxious that i damaged my brain for good with those meds. Thanks

  5. haha great advertising of somebody products! the girl looks like a model and lies with it as if she was depressed and sick on anxiety … someone paid you well for the video. As for illness, depression is a state of life in which too many negative habits affect the deepening of the disease, starting from the thoughts of especially those that are negative. you do not need to be treated with medications, change habits and think.

  6. You sure look healthy. I've just ordered my 3rd bottle. I'm 73 and simply had light pain everywhere so I tried CBD it worked right away BUT the big deal is 50 year old PTSD NIGHTMARES SUBSIDED. I'M sleeping and wake up rested.

  7. hi i am trying it for the first time as i wright this and it seems to be making me calmer all ready 30 min after
    i have been taking valium to sleep the last few days witch i hate to do
    so hope this will work for anxiety to ????

  8. Good vid. Impressive. Maybe I should try it. Maybe it will help my sleep …which isnt great. Lotta yrs in corporate world plus life events have done some damage to me.

  9. I deal with anxiety. Im looking into cbd but I e heard people taking it and going into a panic attack? Is this true? I want to try it out but I’m nervous.

  10. I’ve been using it for my arthritis. I’m 30 with a toddler and a 5yr old. i broke down because I’m so young and it was so hard to be able to care for my children I was taking about 8 pain pills a day because everything was so hard, and even at that I was in extreme pain. After I started the oil I automatically noticed a difference. I’m still not at the 100% but omg it’s a night and day difference. I no longer take pain meds I feel a lot better

  11. I have ADHD as well. Have been taking Adderall 15mg xr, cybalta 30, pm I take zanaz to sleep for anxiety. I am now trying cbd water based (Suthe) trying to go off zanaz for sleeping, take 2 drop under my tongue instead but not quite working yet. But i also taking in morning Collegen type 1. Which the best. if interested website Its liguid bottle 30 oz. to tablespoon in morning. Love it. Also VIBE. But that is also on the website.
    Just trying to get off the med's. I will take the DNA test as well. thank you

  12. Paige, thanks for your testimonial. I appreciate your info for those who suffer from the MTHFR. One small point of info for your own edification and that of your audience. CBD does not have a very high affinity for either the CB1 or CB2 receptor. THC, the molecule that is assocated with the psychoactive effects in drug variants of cannabis has affinity for both of these receptors. Our body creates endocannabinoids which in a proper health, activate these receptors in a way to maintain homeostasis. Unfortunately, due to methylation and other problems in our various metabolic pathways, these receptors and the balance of endocannabinoids cause this system to function poorly and this leads to problems in various parts of the body.

    Interestingly, CBD seems to act in a couple of ways to enhance our own natural endocannabinoids perform their roles more efficiently. It seems to help clean out the CB1 and CB2 receptors if there are improperly formed / damaged variants of the plant based or endogenously produced cannabinoids. It also has a down-regulating effect on the FAAH enzyme which metabolizes our endocannabinoids, effectively increasing our body's saturation of these molecules. CBD also up-regulates our antioxident glutathione gene pathways and down-regulates our inflammation pathways. This leads to an overall calming and healing effect on the body and brain. CBD seems to work best in conjunction with some of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids that are present in the whole cannabis plant. Pharmacologists refer to this as the entourage effect and it is the subject of much study for creating cannabis based medicines that are tailored for specific diseases or specific gene expressions.

  13. Studies show that CBD products NEVER contain the ammount of CBD thats advertised on the bottle. Some products have ZERO CBD. Its all a scam until they fix this.

  14. I have the same problem you have with the adhd medicine ive been on it for 10 years and it helps me function in everyday life. I am so sharp and alert on the medicine and without it I am all over the place and emotional . I am just worried how life will be without it. I know I can't be on it forever.

  15. How can use CBD to get off 3MG of Xanax a day…I've heard they interfere with the same brain receptors. Is there any one here who have weaned of benzos especially xanax with CBD? Been in xanax 4 yrs I want to quit but seems like I can't

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