Cannabis Culture News LIVE: The Front Lines of Marijuana Activism in 2019

POT TV – Watch CCN LIVE every Friday at 4PM PT – with your host, Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations Jeremiah Vandermeer. Today on the show: Activist Freddie Pritchard joins the program…


  1. Let me start by saying as a American we have to use methods in ways to show the people
    that cannabis doe snot cause the harms as they have been lied to about for 70 years.
    I started in the mid 1980's When "The Emperor had no close" right in California as youngster we worked the grass roots to keep the message going at that time the RSO was a popular and water hash was a norm. We have to remember this was before the age of the take over of Cocaine from Columbia. Anyways We as activist counted the fight because we believe in a plant that should not be criminalized and no one has ever died from. We all fight not just one but threw the years a lot of people fight and believe in the movement that we should decriminalize this plant you clearly should not be arresting people and jailing them just because they are enjoying a little cannabis. I am with you when You say we should give thanks to mark I agree we should give thanks to a lot of people because this road is very long and it was not until the 1996 passing of pop 215 in California did the wall fall that the government used to keep the public in the dark I think it was a stepping stone but it was not a easy task as they where giving people life in prison coming down on the people and growers and they the DEA or Department of Justice begin to falter at that time because the opinion was changing this of course was because of mark emery and others who where bold enough to stand for what they believe in The same for Jack and others who where behind him that sold hemp clothing at the time to fund the movement in the early ages of the cannabis movement. So lets fast forward they arrest mark and he does 5 years in a Prison in the United States and the movement was far from dead as things counted to spark up. Now after some years have gone buy and they noticed hey the sky did not fall what happened? There was no big raise in Juvenal use there was no over dosed drug crazed sex maniac propaganda that is connect to this plant….Thank you mark for all you have done we owe you a gratitude of thanks for your part but our fight is far from over. As i was saying it was not until the public saw the truth of what this plant can do to help people to me this is the Tree OF LIFE but it is not a cure all lets make that clear but it has preformed some amazing things and still does. We began to help that buy showing people the healing and helping properties it holds and this helped even more
    the movement….Lets fast forward to today because i do not want you to read a book. We must get a foothold as Greg has said and i think that why we are trying to get it removed from the scheduled one here in America but that means we must move forward by putting a age limit although it is unnecessary to have one we agreed to legislation like rules of where it can be smoked the packaging the the dose amount of eatable. After a kid threw his self off a roof but relay there was no proof or evidence that cannabis was the cause alone let alone a dosage of the bar of candy he ate we clearly advise people to find there comfort area and don't over do it….the whole point of the black market when we say black market we are speaking of drug dealers out side of the regulations or reasonable reasoning for safe use of the plant we say safe as we know there is no harm that comes of anyone who uses it so why do you have any regulations at all then right? As I have stated we get our foot in the door with reasonable legislation. We may not get everything we want now. But we can always move later to change rules once the public finally gets the vale removed from there way of thinking…64% of Americans want the legalization i think it is much higher but by seeing this on a poll there still are those fears of prohibitions the vale we must remove.
    94 % accept Legal Cannabis use for Medical and it is vital that we educate about the use of THC not as a bad part of the plant but the beneficial parts of the plants as well as the CBD of course this will be very small for children that seize and like our little Chariot who was having 300 a day and they gave her a CBD and less then 1% THC and the numbers fell away and today that baby can have a normal life…So i Digress We should educate the people if they use it for medical or recreational you must fully understand the Indo-Canababnoid SYSTEM – THC the so called Psychoactive use of cannabis or so they call it when it is no more harmful then sugar or coffee or candy and has killed no one lets remember is made to sound like LSD or Silvia Peyote or some other hallucinogenic drug when it is no where near this active as these…The indo conabanoid system has 3 parts one the Brain and also 2. The immune system and 3. The Blood …..Why is this ? This is only a small understanding of the 500 canbabniods found in this plant that make up the whole that helps the body all the lies of how it hurts brain cells and it harms the lungs and it attacks the immune system are not true and these study where found when they begin researching the plants use in Israel. The whole point is we must agree to some even tho we may not get everything we want right now you cant go in there with a strong attitude there not going to here what you say to them …We must agree with taxes and regulations within a reasonable beginning if we are ever going to get our foot in the door but not over regulation
    not where corporations are taking over and they do not give the little man a part to be part of the market place not that We need to values it because as soon as you legalize it fully
    and you allow the small man to be taken out then it because all about regulation not freedom and free use . I do not need a despenceary I can grow my 12 plants within safe regulations because some pesticides are UNSAFE TO THE BODY we do not need that stuff what we can grow it organic and use organic pest controls and mold and mildew preventives most of that is growers error so it is about education…Anyways to say to any people that the government should control this plant because of some 70 year old propaganda is truly amazing to me. But for us here in America politics are what makes the world go around the old road of Prohibition is slowly fading as 17 states in the union will soon move forward in there attempt to legalize ..What we mean is stop putting people in prison if you have possession and growing charges you should be able to have them removed from your records you gain nothing when you make our next congressman or next senator a criminal you could ague well felons cant be apart of government anyways one should not be a felon just because they planted seeds or use cannabis for there own personal health I am not one that thinks a doctor that has a PHD that could not cure a common cold is some one i should trust to help me when it come to maintaining my medical needs…other then emergency care they are worthless…working for big pharma and only have there own pocket and over charging bills they give you if you use there advice there not some one i trust not the FDA or the Doctors Department of Medicine there far for being trustworthy when it comes to primitive care.
    Ok now my rants over we must try to get more states on board because the vote is a powerful thing in America or any Democracy of Freedom you must lesson to the peoples will not the government that rules over the people this is where we are very different when it comes to politics but the 10th amendment and states rights as well as the Constitution that America was founded on the bill of rights and will of the people. So we must agree with Taxes sales tax state tax and federal taxes Colorado alone last year made 1 billion dollars in taxes and it is said that California will be 7 Billion with a "B" The problems Americans have are you have some states who want it legal and some do not there for you have smuggling and black market dealing and growing because you wont just make it like Alcohol and Tobacco and just make it legal. Well some say well look at all the deaths alcohol has gave since you legalized it and your comparing it to that is far different it does not enable you to not think and act in a manor where you have no control. Not one death from Cannabis alone in 70 years….Its a gateway drug when you have a drug pusher on the street they care nothing about what they sell you that is the gateway not he plant it self and there is no recorded proof otherwise. So we must do this state by state and then we can work on a collective answer together as people get more of a collective answer as the vale is taken away and people see it for what it truly is. I am going to close i rambled on and this
    little blurb is long but i do not think supporting a black market is a way to go we are looking to end the black market and bring cannabis to the mainstream for adults who use and grow there own and show a responsible use buy taking it out of hands of drug dealers and king pins and street gangs and thugs who take over our neighborhoods and cause crime .. The tracking system works although i do not see it lasting all tho making the despencers pay sales tax and keep up with what they grow how much they sale right now is repetitive but
    later there may be no need for such a system they will always want you to keep track of the sales of course so you can pay taxes We agree to grow 12 plants pay licences fee and taxes on a quarter pound per harvest ..Well what if it was less? 4 oz or 4 plants 4 seedlings and 4 mothers or 6 plants and 6 seedlings witch ever way you do it lets say the price is $300 a oz the tax is 20 % total you split that not including sales taxes because your not selling it this is for personal use….You figure about $60 a oz in taxes at market price of $300 that is 240 a year + the licence fee of $50 a year you figure 2 crops a year and thats cool they have a possession law of 2.5 oz simple enough.

    #Legealize #CanabisCulture

  2. Awesome stream guys… Update on Sudbury raid… Wanapetei first Nation chief is the one who called the reserve police, charges pending… apparently the chief plans to open his own dispensary… Probly got the idea from the toronto police

  3. that's bullshit about going legal totally regulated down to nothing  grow your own is what im screaming…bottom line money money money makes me sick sick sick Free enterprise small companies onsite growth  boy cot big producers

  4. see that one company broken coast that's what I would be afraid of spraying for and paying for that shit that would be utter garbage if legality was across the board in north america

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