1. Hi can you please help me out my dog gets really bad seizures I just started give hem the CBD oil’s I believe is working out pretty good but is there anything else you can let me know about that

  2. Unfortunately my beloved dog got a systemic infection that led to an autoimmune disorder. I'm tapering him off of the cyclosporine that he's been taking every day. Ideally I'd like him to b only taking the cbd every day. .Can I use the cbd along with the taper from the cyclosporine?

  3. My dachshund lost the use of his hind legs a few days ago but there is still movement in them at times,would CBD be effective for his pain and recovery? Please help

  4. I rescued a very emaciated dog (3 weeks ago) who has trouble walking because of how underweight he is. He has very stiff joints and has trouble walking from that also. Would you recommend cbd for him? I'm also going to ask my vet but since it's not something my vet is probably familiar with I wanted to ask here also since you use it for your dogs.

  5. My dog has very bad separation anxiety and sometimes very small seizures or what I believe to be seizures. So id like to get him some CBD oil but i i have no idea what kind to get him or how much to give him. He weighs 50 pounds and is 1 years old.

  6. My year and a half year old mini english bulldog Waffles, was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia a couple of weeks ago and we were told he only has a month left. He's been on steroids these past 2 weeks and has an appointment today for a check up. I'm going to look into giving him CBD/THC after we get these results either today or tomorrow. This is beyond devastating to my wife and I and we're not ready to give up on him. If you have any other tips I would really appreciate it. You can check him out on instagram and see how much we love him. http://www.instagram.com/waffles_thebulldog . Thanks for the video, it was really informative.

  7. Hi TJ just spoke with you…Im Jo Ong..I live in PA but have to come back to Malaysia for work and family purpose…..I will called u tomorrow as we have set earler tq so much

  8. My dog is taking an antibiotic called chloramphenicol will the cbd inhibit the Cytochrome P450 enzyme in the liver causing a delay in removing the antibiotic and caused toxicity build up?

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