Cresco Labs CEO gives his take on recreational marijuana legalization in Illinois

Charles Bachtell, Cresco Labs co-founder and CEO, on pot legalization and what it means for the cannabis biz. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money …


  1. As long as im not paying 15 a gram then ill buy from dispensarys… If you want to compete with the black market then you cant sell for rediculous prices.

  2. Yes legalize it! Let's make it BIIIIG. Big enough to where companies that sell the product get BIG. Big enough where the owners of that company get classified as greedy, rich men that should be hit with higher taxes because they are now the 1%…

    Just playin' devil's advocate. I could care less if it is legal or not. I dont use it, dont have to use it. I just wont pay any tax on it.

  3. Push it off the feds to the ATF, and you'll see the black market disappear. Big companies rule everything in the United States. I'm curious why they brought the Cresco guy in. Sounds like the Acreage holdings deal with Canopy Growth will dominate everyone.

  4. Great. I really hope that Marijuana Becomes legal everywhere. This will spread sooo much positive energy around the world! ❤❤❤
    Hope you all having a great day/night, and don't forget to take a puff! ❤❤❤

  5. Legalization sounds good but in practice it's not I'm in the UK but in the summer we holiday in Holland and there it's legal the quality and price in UK is better than Holland where it's legal so I want it to stay illegal

  6. The only reason there is a Black market, is because the whole country is not on the same page. So you have some states that are legal some states that are not. So you grow your weed in the legal states and it's double end the illegal States. What's full legalization happens across the Nation the black market will die.

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