1. weed actually made me fucking wild boy. shit had me off the rails but yet alcohol calms me. Everything affect everyone different. To say weed has no bad side effects us ludaa

  2. I'm not saying that marijuana doesn't cause paranoia. But in my personal opinion, there are 2 reasons for marijuana induced paranoia. Reason #1: the person who's using marijuana already has a lot of negative things floating around in their mind, and the marijuana manifests those negative thoughts into paranoia. Weed has a way of revealing deep seeded negative emotions. Reason #2: many people are just freaked out by the legal stigma of weed and are paranoid by the idea of getting caught using it.

  3. pot didn't make me paranoid, the police and my parents and the church and the state made me paranoid. Now that I don't have to worry about any of them, I just light up and put on "Don't Worry Be Happy" and I am

  4. Considering how many seemingly "non violent" people turn into rampaging animals when they are drunk, I think genetic testing for all self indulgent chemicals we use is the right path to take.

  5. I take prescription medications for chronic pain because our nanny government won't let my doctor prescribe anything that might work. Those prescriptions are destroying my liver, kidneys, other organs, and they damage the brain and may cause psychosis and death. Why the hell do these big pharma supporting cretins keep trying to keep people in pain. What the hell does anybody gain from keeping people in pain. A woman can murder her unborn child, but anybody that smokes marijuana for health reasons is labeled negatively, arrested, and jailed…WTF? It is my choice. I can either medicate myself with what works to make my life more livable or I can suffer like the ignorant buffoons in government want me to…

  6. Joe is a tool.
    There are some people that can manage the effects of MJ, and if they have issues not including mental issues it can help. I know that some people can become very dependent on just about anything if there is a deficit at an emotional level, which can stem from many different things. ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT MJ IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE AND ONLY PSYCHOLOGICAL ADDICTIVE IS LYING. THE MIND CONTROLS THE BODY (PLACEBO EFFECT). Although I disagree that it's the gateway drug. Cigarettes are the gateway for every person I have encountered. They make you feel dirty, separate you from achieving your true potential by causing your health mental and physical to deteriorate.

  7. I've seen a guy fired up by jealousy and rage (something to do with a girl) and he came to see me , he was ready to go to this persons home and sort out a love triangle (none of them were potheads), i was and still am a pothead, so i suggested to this rage monster to have a joint of my cheese weed,…..within a few moments this guy went from level 10 rage to around a 4-5 level and after around 30 minutes this guy was a puppy dog and i could see his brain working, reflecting on past and future events concerning this problem he had, within an hour this guy was asleep, woke up refreshed and had a better level head to deal with the problem he had, again, yet to see the 'negative' side to weed (unless we talking weed gangs who fight for turf)

  8. I'm a diagnosed schizophrenic with PTSD . For years I was on all these different drugs until I hit the blunt now I can actually better myself in society. So I smoke one watch this pod cast huge fan thanks pot and Joe you have helped me in my life more than you will ever know. For real I don't know if you will ever see my comments but I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me.

  9. I used to smoke pods that was 10 years ago.Unfortunately I developed panic disorder.Used to run out of my apartment half-naked in the middle of the night. I don't have panic disorder anymore.Would have been cool if CBD was available back then.I would have just used that instead of smoking weed.

  10. The only time psychedelics made me paranoid was during a shroom trip when I thought that I was actually mentally handicapped my entire life and all of my friends only hung out with me out of sympathy

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