Is now the right time to legalize pot?

Is it really safe? Tucker takes on marijuana advocate and ‘How to Smoke Pot (Properly)’ author David Bienenstock. #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News Channel …


  1. Texans please remember what happened this year with marijuana legalization in Texas nothing happened nothing passed into law out of Senate that is because our Texas senator's don't want to help Texas or Texans please remember this it is up to us younger Texans to get these people out of office it's up to us to vote for real Texans in office that want to help our state and us Texans we need leutenant governor Dan Patrick out of office he is literally Texas no 1 enemy it is people like him holding our state back please remember why no legalization bills passed vote for real Texans for cannabis legalization in Texas you can easily Google who is wanting to help Texans and Texas please vote for who wants to help it's up to us because most younger Texans don't vote we let the elders vote then we will be the last state in the United States to legalze marijuana

  2. Prohibition started because of the same anti immigration politics as today. Bust the Latinos and black jazz artists because they were despised, weed was just a common factor. 1970's and Nixon, they'd had studies thrown out suggesting decriminalization at the very least, but again politics, bust up the anti war hippies and black panthers, weed was their big excuse. The facts are yes, in very rare cases psychosis can happen, it is mildly habit forming. Overwhelming evidence from peer reviewed papers and bald faced statistics can't lie though, compared to alcohol and tobacco it is FAR less harmful. But patenting a plant is so hard, big pharma would rather you pay through the nose for an inferior synthetic with far more side effects.

  3. A few observations. Seems logical to track cash businesses through a banking system. Not sure why dispensaries still need to operate solely in cash. On a side note, you're more likely to get dementia or schizophrenia from using an aluminum based deodorant than smoking weed.

  4. Only drug on the planet that literally own real estate in your mind. When you smoke it, it goes to the endocannabonoid system which naturally make many of those chemicals anyway. Imagine how safe alcohol would be if your liver literally made alcohol anyway and that's how the body worked. That's how weed works. It complies with your body, it doesnt invade and conquer like other chemicals.

  5. I’ve smoked for 4 years and have yet to have any signs of psychological issues .. or schizophrenia. Same for my friends and my older last generation friends who have smoked for 30+ years. No lung issues .. NOTHING.

  6. Right off the bat Tucker gets it wrong. Marijuana use doesn't cause schizophrenia nor does it contribute to it. What happens is those that have a potential for schizophrenia it can make it worse. Keyword is "can" not "will".

    It's that kind of fear mongering that has kept it demonized for so long. All I say is that it has genuine medical applications and it's less harmful to the body than nicotine or alcohol and yet those are 100% legal. Legalize it but keep it controlled.

  7. It doesnt cause schizophrenia it just speeds up the development of it for people who are already prone to it. And when it comes to violence and doing stupid stuff, alcohol does the same thing.

  8. It does not cause schizophrenia, it relaxes u. IT DOES NOT MAKE U CRAZY. Tobacco isn’t safe wtf like would you rather have druggies continuing on hard drugs. And try to help them get off the drugs with weed.

  9. In the states that have legalized cannabis, there has been no increase in teenage or youth usage. It is so easy to look up this information and get it right, and Tucker is supposed to be a journalist, you literally can spend five minutes online and find out the real information about this. He is not ignorant to the truth, he just wants to push an agenda of fear to keep the status quo

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