1. I have severe ADD and have Aspergers ( few of things i have ).. thc doesnt effect us with these two diagnoses like others. It normalizes our brains functions which means I don’t feel high I feel normal. But I can feel tired/sleepy in too high doses..

    I don’t want to be high all day ( I can if I wanted ) it’s unnecessary and waste of medicine to use when not needed. I use cbd oil it doesn’t help me as much as with THC. But I use it in situations where I feel like it will help me enough to not use THC.
    And some days I’m not using anything at all. It’s all about balance each day, to use after your needs when you really have it. Just like every medicine.

    It’s a shame that’s it’s illegal, I used to work very medicated and I got very good feedback from my boss and I took care of everything. I used also to take orders and serve food. I worked at a pizzeria. No one noticed I was high ?

  2. Disgusting how many people came at the dude on the right because he said there isn't enough science to prove weed is more medicinal than recreational. Pro tip- ITS TRUE! Yea there's ton of anectodal evidence to support it but, mostly because of its legal status, there's not enough comprehensive studies on the subject. No one is telling you that you can't smoke weed lmao

  3. The guy who wrote the book can't cite or give the conclusions of the studies off the top of his head, but the Canadian Doctor clearly memorizes all of these studies. I'm going to have to go with his professional opinion over Mr. "they're in my book". I'm not going to buy your book to cross reference whether these studies exist. Spit that information out on this free YouTube channel.

  4. The side effects for Keppra and Depakote would make you scared to take it once. I have had to use it for the past 15 years due to only treatment my Dr had for me… nothing about CBD(was not talked about then at all), nothing about meditation or any other alternative ways.

  5. I want the curly head guy to join my fight against cavities. We need to put a end to sugar and bring awareness to the dentist conspiracy… he is smart I just think he needs to redirect his focus to something a little more problematic to fix. COMMENT what he should focus on next.

  6. The question is not just “is cannabis medicine?” The proper question is; is cannabis less harmful than Prozac, Valium, Vicodin, Abilify, Percocet, etc.

    Once the thundering, resounding yes comes to an end, then you can determine what will help whom. Now the basic debate is over, pharmaceuticals are dangerous on a level beyond what canibus could ever reach.

  7. its not hard to do a goddamn clinical trial to find out the benefits of medicinal marijuana. you can almost guarantee 90-98% will report positive results for relief from alot of different ailments. lets finally put any arguments about the medicinal benefits of cannabis to rest.

  8. That doctor is an idiot and is dispensing advice that is inconsistent with evidenced based medicine re. THC and CBD. As it stands with the current body of science in 2019, there are few if any conditions where these substances are the preferred treatment.

  9. This guy was a reporter for the NYTimes! To NPR's credit they wouldn't give him a platform because they were uncomfortable with the conclusions he reached in his book. First Joe exposed Bari Weiss for talking out of her butt about Tulsi Gabbard, now he's exposed this guy who is clearly uneducated about a topic he wrote a book about. Joe "cuttin through the BS" Rogan.

  10. i live in california and smoke a lot of weed and i support legalization, but I've been saying since forever i still haven't met one legit medical marijuana patient. just stoners. but who cares legalize it, tax it, roll it up light it.

  11. I think if you don’t educate yourself about marijuana and THC usage you can and most likely will become damaged in some way. If you abuse it like anything, it’ll effect you negatively – it can cause aggression but only when going cold turkey. It is a psycho active substance and if you are prone to psychological diseases like psychosis etc. It I also a gate way drug, not because if you take one hit you’ll want to do coke but most people I know who smoke weed regularly also, take coke, or MDMA or Ecstasy. So being exposed to the drug usually exposes you to people who take legal or illegal drugs.

  12. A spy novelist?

    The criteria for that job are a vivid imagination and a penchant for simple, satisfying models of reality.

    Clearly he isn't a very good spy novelist, if he is now a caped crusader for big pharma.

  13. This d-bag is still just sad he was never offered a hit from a friend in college….. and we can all see why….. feel bad for the lonely female that married this "man". Correlation does not equal causation.

  14. I loved, Joe, but this dude needs to read up on the endo-cannabinoid system! Get your facts straight! You couldn't find 2 people that are more knowledgeable?! This show is weak AF!!

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