John Boehner on states legalizing marijuana

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Acreage Holdings CEO Kevin Murphy on the increasing number of states legalizing marijuana and the …


  1. At least decriminalize it. A stupid plant isn’t worth SHREDDING the constitution. I’ve had my car torn through over a dozen times, even with dogs for the crime of being a teenager. I now have two things, 1) STILL have no criminal record, 2) an intense hatred for police. That’s what the drug war gets you.

  2. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  3. I really hate John Boehner! He has supposedly changed his mind about cannabis after decades of being against all because of money. If his reasoning was that he has realized all the harm he has done in the past and wants to make up for it I would forgive him but this is all about him making more money…

  4. 4:13 – the cancer preventive parts in cannabis are the cannabinoids… they are molecules cannabis makes and they are ingested in man. the metabolism of plant cannabinoids in man serves signalling purposes fro cellular health ( the opposite of cancer) . in fact, cannabinoids from cannabis plant prevent cancers in man by way of metabolizing in mans endocannabinoid system

  5. What about Marijuana Induced Dementia? Chronic users loose the ability to remember details. Details are critical in many jobs. Employers need the ability to terminate users of marijuana employed in certain critical skills. I can see legalizing for people with unimportant jobs, like musician or actor, but a person working on a fuel system would forget a critical o-ring that would cause the fuel system to leak, cause a fire, and loss of equipment and/or life. Dementia is a serious side effect of long term marijuana usage.

  6. Denmark is now going to grow and export cannabis, for medical use. Took 60 years of lies, to finally overcome the lies about cannabis.
    Take the money from criminals and convert it to taxes. Win win.

  7. The common person can't create their own pills and medications in their own home, you have to go to a doctor, have insurance, and be approved by Big Pharma. Marijuana is a medicine an average person can grow and cultivate in their own home. The fact that people can't buy a drug such as penicillin at your local pharmacy without a prescription to me is just as wrong. We need to get control back from big pharma and stop them from deciding how we get our medications. I'm not saying we should all be able to get antidepressants and anxiety medicines without a prescription, but I am saying that drugs like marijuana and penicillin need to be openely available for purchase. Now when you add in how much money law enforcement and the pharmaceutical companies make from all this, it's time for a major overhaul of how much influence these companies and our government have in our everyday life

  8. People are finally realizing just how much money they can make from weed. Legalizing it will be coming soon now that money will start pouring into politicians pockets to make it happen.

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