1. So you say they will have memory problems with prolonged use. Maybe what your testing for,a mind using cannabis doesn't see memory as a priority because the brain is working on so many other things making new connections. What is happening is the brain is seeing things it couldn't even imagine.

  2. Sparked up during the video I feel like weed helps me learn better because I get more concentrated on the subject and remain focused even though I’m high during school

  3. So, actually, mine is different. I started smoking two yrs ago and when I smoke my anxiety disappears for the time being and so does my depression. I have severe social anxiety, bipolar depression, and some real shitty OCD. I freaking hate when things aren't clean or not placed right and that makes me stressed cause people really shouldn't care about it so much, but when I smoke, all that stuff doesn't bother me. It's made me feel better and there are only a small handful of things that'll help me get by if I don't have weed. Smoking actually helps me cope with a lot of problems that I've gone through and still go through.

  4. I’ve been smoking on and off starting with when I was in 5th grade but I don’t think I ever inhaled it because I never got “high” but since then I am now 17 about to be 18 in three months and started it back up right before my 17th birthday. First recreational but since my anxiety and eating disorder got worse I stopped using my medication and turned back to weed and honestly it helped so much! No more panic attacks and best of all I went from being 83 pounds back to 98 in less then a two weeks! I also have had major fainting problems typically happening 3-5 times a week and as I started to smoke more my fainting decreased to almost nothing. That’s not to say I don’t have the occasional fainting miss haps but it’s pre syncope ( the feeling of about to faint but not blacking our) where as it used to be all the time and it would be syncope (passing out). Additionally my chronic pain in my body caused from years of sports and injuries and having a big leg length discrepancy has gone to almost nothing! Not to mention my morning nausea has gone away and over all has helped me a lot from a medical perspective.

  5. Tbh when I smoke weed occasionally I think more profound which helps me when learning for a test or logically thinking when taking a test and as a result I get better grades?!?!

  6. I hate to say it but she’s right about that memory loss thing, I started when I was 15 and I immediately forgot a load of things, long term and short term. What really made me sad was the long term memories I had had bc I remember I would say this one saying all the way back from kindergarten and I totally forgot it. But nevertheless, as far as lungs and heart problems, I never really had any but when I started juuling that’s what made me run out of breath. But everyone has a different experience with marijuana, so even if my experience was bad doesn’t mean yours will be. But I’m my opinion marijuana isn’t bad as long and you don’t abuse it and let it control you. #smokeweeddontletweedsmokeyou ?

  7. I've been high af before and I always know what I am doing. I've been drunk af before and I have no fucking idea what I am doing. All you weed haters just looking for reasons to say it's bad but y'all never look at the good sides of weed. Tell me anyway beer helps? Beer in my occasion destroys family's. The only way weed breaks up family's is cause of cops. Get it through your heads bitches. Plus it isn't fully legalized because your lame ass government wants to prophet off the pharmacy's, and cigarette producers, and beer. If your government even cared about you they'd ban beer instead. Clothes, ropes, and power from marijuana is possible. But no all your government wants is money they don't care about us or your health. I know some of you won't believe me but these are actually facts.

  8. The high I used to have felt so amazing after 5 years of blazing my high started to change drastically, I started to feel really self conscious and doubtful about everything. I can never get the same feeling back so I stopped many many years ago. In a way I'm glad my high changed, who knows I could of been a totally different person. I'm very happy being weed free, the stuff is too strong these days. I think medical weed is what flipped the switch and gave me a bad high.

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