Marijuana Stocks to Buy Before, During, and After Legalization

Watch the full presentation in HD: Sure, it’s technically an illegal vice according to the Federal government… But 25 states have said “we don’t…


  1. POTSTOCK BUBBLE WILL CRASH SOON! Buy only after a 60% drop when Canopy Growth goes back down to 20s per share. There is a massive ripoff underway right now. Why are there no Shorts or Put options abailable anywhere on Wallstreet for any pot stocks?? There are hundreds of positions all turbo long and Call option but no Put…. Haha these bastards! U wanna buy a turbo short on ALL THE STOCKS AND THERE ARE LITTERLAY NO POSITIONS… This is a massive collective ripoff with the insiders holding all the shorts..

  2. Canada is poised to go fully recreational sometime in April according to several sources!!! People, you will never see another opportunity this big to grow wealth legally again.

    Fuck cryptocurrency schemes and start buying these stocks pennies on the dollar. It doesn't matter that there are only a few states in America that have legalized recreational use. Canadaaaaa, oh canadaaaaa!

    I do not feel bad for those people who will be burned by crypto in the future. Whatsoever!

  3. We have Moonrocks and Indoors like ( Sour d, Og, White w, GDP, Girls scout cookies and some minimal strains ranging from $2200 to $2500. everyone selling Moonrocks at 5200 per unit min. but we are giving at $3800/unit. we mostly deal on bulk orders but accepts ounce minimum if to save as trial order.
    will ship if u can assure me that u are no police or working with the law, everything 100% discreet and safety guaranteed. pickup is also welcome. .

  4. The video is horrible. Sounds like some long drawn out script…..terrible script reading. Terrible monotone sound….reading so fast that it just sounds like a cheesy infomercial. I could stomach a second more after 20 minutes

  5. here is our menu
    *Granddaddy Purple,
    *Purple Kush,
    *Northern Lights,
    *Blackberry Kush,
    *Afghan Kush,
    *Grape Ape,
    Plantinum bubba,
    Black mamba,

    *Sour Diesel,
    *Green Crack,
    *Jack Herer,
    *Alaskan Thunder,
    *Super Silver Haze,
    *Durban Poison,
    *Maui Waui,
    *Lemon Haze,

    *Blue Dream,
    *White Widow,
    *OG Kush,
    *Blue Cheese,
    *Purple Haze

  6. Although this is very true I would have shared it if the word marijuana wasn't so spread throughout. Cannabis,, cannabis is the correct word to say it when you're talking business marijuana might as well be the same as saying reefer out of fear the Americans had at one point . Cannabis is what you should have said during this video not marijuana

  7. "Battling the racial roadblocks to joining the legalized marijuana trade"

    and yet again another example of systemic racism. denying upward mobility for people of color. the same drug that put thousands of black men in prison, turns around and deny them the opportunity to now make a legal profit from it, you rather lock them up than give them a chance to make an honest living!

  8. I'll bet many of these new marijuana millionaires are the same people who were anti-pot for so many years.
    Big marijuana business will make pot more expensive…long term…because as this video proves, the asshole profit mongers will ruin this like everything else they touch. Luckily, almost anyone can grow all they want at home. Unlike many of the commodities controlled by the 1%.

  9. there has been surges in various pot stocks ,..  some are high and shouldn't be bought  some are down  should  be bought .I just  don't have  enough cash to  cover the bets ,. and  leave it there till it grows .

  10. Those who think it could reach $200B are quite stupid. The price of pot will drop as markets get flooded. Not only that, but you can easily grow it. Then again, this depends on the law makers.

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