Medical Marijuana and Driving: Results of a Michigan Survey

Michigan has the second-highest number of registered medical marijuana users in the country, and a new state law allows recreational use of marijuana as well.


  1. sign me up ill show you how i can drive while high im invincible weed doesnt affect my brain like it affects others weed isnt strong enough to impair my motor functions i used to play hockey baked as a mother fucker and i was the leading scorer on the team

  2. Something to keep in mind just because you test positive for marijuana use does not mean you are impaired. A person can test positive for marijuana use weeks and even months after a single use. How will the automobile insurance industry use this to escape paying for injury claims in injury accidents where a driver tests positive for THC? Also if a person is a medical marijuana user are they exempt. How does Michigan law respond to these type of incidents?

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