Outdoor grow 2017 Harvest Preview

Preview of Realgorillaseeds outdoor Harvest, all strains seen are from RealGorillaseeds.com get your orders in for next season before too late…


  1. How would I go about beggin ya out of some those beans. Just trying to get a grow going about a 5th that size. Would turn fukn flips if I could get a few of your strains. I got about 5 friends saving me some beans, and just gonna go Johnny Appleseed on their asses. Would really like to through a lick of your genetics in with it. Hit me.

  2. Holy gross you guys must be in Europe or something who the f*** puts their weed in a commercial trimmer that's commercial weed who wants commercial weed s*** that's been beat down and ride from a tiny little bud laying on a screen get a life people in California would never do some s*** like that

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