Reacting To New Makeup Releases : June 2019 | CBD BEAUTY, Kylie Skin, Baddie Winkle and MORE!

Hey guys! Today I am reacting to new makeup releases and decided would I buy them, what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s UGLY. I had so much fun doing this …


  1. Omg you’re soooo ‘negative’ haha.. I love this video.

    Btw it’s so funny how that word negative is used when you’re just using critical thinking skills. Damn I must be the most negative person when it comes to makeup. I didn’t realise makeup products have feelings lol

    Love your videos Whitney. You’re a breath of fresh air in the community. Great balance of content. ?

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  2. With the Kylie line I get the same vibe, I personally feel it’s because her name is plastered all over everything which is kiddie…pulling out her makeup in public equal to pulling out a Barbie compact (except former Mac Barbie which gets a pass???)

  3. oh and i saw a review on the hudda palettes and apparently they are garbage… this youtuber who reviewed them seems like shes always honest. Just to let you know so you dont waste money. Im doing all the things you are doing and I feel so much bettter about everything now. Im almost contemplating deleting instagram so its not always in my face.. You've helped me so much. I think the absolute world of you.. these butt and boob masks are fucking bullshit and it makes me sick thats even allowed but what do ya do?! Just keep educating girl. You're doing so much good…

  4. i would absolutely love love love to see you show us your skin care routine and what the actives do etc. Im trying to be smarter with my skincare and it would be very educational xoxoxoxo

  5. I bought the Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum and returned it after one use because it seemed to just sit on top of my skin and never absorbed. On another note, I’d been eyeing the Refa Carat for a while and your review convinced me to try it. I have the ZIIP and the nu face which seem to give more immediate results but i love that the Refa doesn’t need to be charged and doesn’t require Conductive Gel!

  6. I’ve been unsubscribing from so many messy fake ass beauty channels…then I find you! I’m happy because you’re cool as fuck but also mad that it took me this long to stumble across your channel ?? we need more energy and realness like you in these messy beauty streets ?

  7. I bought the baddie highlighter and I love it! It's huge, you get almost 30 grams of product, and it's a really pretty gold (their is an initial overlay) but it is also only 18 dollars. I was pleasantly surprised ❤️

  8. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!!! You're the BEST!!! From Boob Masks, Butt Masks, Pizza Palettes, Hamburger Palettes?? What in the Actual FUCK?!? These Brands are only coming out with Bullshit products because WE as consumers allow it! Like you mentioned, they're trying to shove down ideas in our heads of imperfect body parts that need to be fixed and they've got the solution?? What's next? Vagina Masks?!? They only seem to get our younger girls self conscious about everything now?‍♀️ I'm 36 and a mother of 2, I sure as hell need to stick to my NO BUY method and I'm so glad I found you for support??

  9. lime crime has a new owner though i think xenia still has some kind of stockholder role or something like that. been eyeing their hair color for a while ?

  10. What is ur actual audience ? Lol I feel like the explanations behind the dislikes apply to almost all the makeup cuz it has to sell. I guess what I'm trying to say is some of the items i agree with but just for different reasons. This is also my first vid I've ever seen of urs so it makes it seem like u just don't like anything. but I'm sure HOPEFULLYYYYYY when i scroll ur catalog ill find a favs vid or haul lol then it'll make more sense

  11. Would you consider doing a video on the (what I consider) over-use of cosmetic procedures? Twenty-somethings with Botox, lips that have been filled to balloon size, eyebrows that look drawn-on by a 7 year old with a Sharpie and my personal pet-peeve of spray tans. I love makeup but don’t understand the desire to completely change major parts of ourselves. I use makeup too-but I don’t try to change myself down to my DNA. It’s upsetting that we spend so much on this stuff while still claiming to “love ourselves”. How is that the case when women spend paychecks on spray tans and lip fillers so that they don’t resemble a picture from 2 years ago?

  12. I'm not even on a low/no buy but I've been barely buying any makeup bc all the new launches just. Aren't interesting in any way. And my collection isn't even that big, I just don't feel like filling the holes in my collection that I want filled with garbage

  13. The neon green palette was a miss according to most reviewers. I bought the orange one this weekend, haven’t used it yet. Love the Charlotte Tilbury lovegasm palette. Also, I bought one of the hourglass lipglosses before I quit SEPHORA… love it!

  14. I own both the Lime Crime Wet Cherry glosses and the new Hourglass Unreal lip gloss. Just my two cents but I would save my money and just buy the Lime Crime lip gloss. The Hourglass one is very meh; the packaging IS beautiful and looks expensive but the product is just so-so. The Lime Crime one is super juicy and it makes your lips really gleam, and the smell & taste are actually really good, if you don't mind a cherry taste on your lips for a few minutes

  15. I am 48, and still LOVE Lip Smacker Products.They were the gateway, makeup product! The fun smells!! From the reviews I seen, the Green Huda Palette requires building. Formula is more sheer wash/topper. Ya, I am not into the "marketing deal/scam" from Kardashian/Jenner people. I agree, you made this point before. The industry that people turn to for confidence is making a problem out of nearly, every part, of our bodies. As a Natural Redhead, I am STRONGLY aware that Redheads make up a small part of the population. Its a struggle to find products that enhance our uniqueness. The industry is not about enhancement, its about making everybody feel that they need to fit into a mold.

  16. I wear neon pink so I was happy Huda made something I been looking for. However; I will tell you the neon orange one is good but the neon green was dull and not bright at all.

    Collagen is such a joke it only works if injected. Swiping collagen on your lips is not plumping them up. (TF lip injection) You would have to inject collagen to plump them. The name to that TF product really is playing you.

    I know where glamlite is going. A mini kitchen of makeup products that looks like food. Between beauty bakerie and glamlite I will be able to make s mini kitchen in a beauty room and fill it up with kitchen supplies. But no other than that which is completely stupid idea, this burger and pizza palette is boring. But wait this kitchen idea, I wouldn't be surprised if some makeup flatlayer sets up a mini kitchen in their makeup room just for pics to post on ig.

  17. CBD applied topically can absolutely help with pain, etc. but you’re right- while CBD is great, it’s also the new trendy buzzword, companies put the tiniest amount in their products and charge so much more because it “contains CBD”. CBD on your lips, eyelashes, in your hair, etc is such a gimmick with no point or benefit. I’ve even seen CBD candles and when I asked how they’re beneficial, they said to use the candle as “massage oil” after it melts….lololol. It’s really ridiculous and annoying because it makes CBD seem like a joke overall.

  18. Out of this video, I thorough enjoyed the UGLY part. Love the reasoning and message you are giving out. As for the GOOD part, I don’t usually watch what’s-on-my-wishlist type of videos, especially since I’m trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Wish the anti-haul/ugly part was longer?

  19. I was blind and now I see. It upsets me how I have been fooled I’m a 28 year old woman ?? thank you for sharing your opinion! I’ve definitely been saving money since I saw your videos lol so thanks girl!

  20. I got the Neon orange palette by Huda beauty, but I had to return it. It did not work for my brown skin tone and also the pink and orange shimmers are too chunky and hard to use. it looked awful on my eyelids. The matt yellow did not show up on my dark eyelids.

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