Recreational marijuana on hold in New York

The push for recreational marijuana in New York appears to be on the back burner after Governor Andrew Cuomo dropped his legalization proposal from the …


  1. Good idea stop putting a billion dollars in the cartel pockets every year and in tax dollars to rebuild our communities…. the same million or ten million pot smokers are gonna smoke it legal or illegal but at least we could donate the money to save lives from cancer and other problems instead of helping another cartel boss buy his 20th brand new full gold sink in Mexico….. marijuana good, bad, ugly… not the vote right now the vote was for cartels or against cartels…. baby steps people baby steps….. vote no to legalization then you've hosted voted yes to the cartels who now continue with extra money with their hard drugs as well….

  2. Stalling doesn't help there 2 many people in that city hope alot of them smoke weed the people where it's legal would just b alot nicer than other places Im betting

  3. Cuomo is a total hypocrite.
    The only reason he is advocating for legalization is for money he can put into his patronage coffers.
    If it is legalized the money belongs to the taxpayers of this state.
    There is absolutely no mention of taxes being lowered for property owners.
    What about using the money to pay down debt?
    No mention of that.
    I believe the reason he has moved on from this for now is because he has been called out on it.

  4. If cannabis is legalized, big pharma takes a blow. This is why politicians fight it tooth and nail.

    The majority of America wants it legalized. It needs to be done.

  5. For so many years especially since the passing of the 94 crime bill so many black and brown people have been sent to Jail because they were selling weed. They better get their money

  6. They should only allow the growth and sale of it be legal through permits but only if you live in New York State for 5 years so other licensed people in different states can come here and take our money if we choose to to legalize it

  7. Legal or not more people smoke marijuana than don't, and as a medical cannabis user that lives in a place where it isn't legal my only concern is of course decriminalization and removal from the black market. People shouldn't have to put themselves at risk for medicine!

  8. I heard contradictions in speech that shows the delays. 1st is always start up money 2nd they'll have to start a program with the income they accumulated already to pay for prior law's semantic of unjust 3rd the assumption that profit or business only for black community brings up racism, elite theory etc 4th in politics there's always betrayal not ✌ or enjoying the flower but always a buzz killer

  9. Just so all you people who don’t read what they are trying to pass is the reason why we have a lot of current issues, if this passed it would also state that any person who used their NY State ID to buy weed you would forfeit your rights to own guns inside the state. Maybe you all should read some more before jumping on a bandwagon.

  10. New York is getting nervous because of reports from Colorado of people going to the ER. I think it was 40,000 in the first two years of legalization. What they didn't mention was that all those people ate too much edibles! That will give anyone a panic attack. All those ER visits were just fine after a Xanax. Weed is not for everyone like anything else, let's not start giving it a bad name. Legalize it Gov. Cuomo. Or someone else will. let's make history. Oh yea don't mix the hyper weed with the chill weed!

  11. Just do it already. NYC, how does California have legal bud but you don’t? I thought the greed and the money you can make would’ve been sufficient.

  12. Blocked until people of Color are guaranteed their share, well thats all you need to know that there must be a guaranteed instead going out and working for your share

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