1. Another way to make sure the bad alcohol is gone would be to add say a cup of ever-clear/pure ethanol to the finished first oil, mixing in well and re-evaporate . This would economically virtually eliminate any trace of the toxic alcohol . Agreed, not a good idea to do indoors for flame or explosion incident but as much for eliminating "ingestion" of the bad alcohol via breathing which would likely be a very substantial amount! Regarding the finish, The Master of the subject , Rick Simpson, says to add six drops of water at near the end before the little bubbles go away and that will keep the oil from overheating and finish flashing off the solvent. He ought to know!

  2. Get rid of the Poison you used to wash your weed. ISO, unless Labeled 'FOOD SAFE' is not 'Food Safe'. It's POISON! Don't use it.
    Use 190 grain alcohol. Although it would kill you to drink straight, it's perfect for doing this.
    Instead of using a crock pot and losing all your alcohol, try a closed system like an electric still (water distiller). You'll get most of your alcohol back plus it'll decarb your weed at the same time.
    And you won't need to worry about blowing the house up with an open crock pot full of simmering ISO. DANGER! If your going to use a crock pot, do it in the garage with the door open and a fan running and swap out the ISO.

  3. probably a good idea to get a fan blowing across the rice cooker my friend fumes can find element in rice cooker and fuck its a explosion that u will be using the oil to repair your burns /// fumes are heavier and will fall downwards where element is
    cheers my friend

  4. You do not soak the weed in the iso you run it through unless you want green oil.If you just run it throught it will come out gold looking sec ya need to strain ALL particals out.Then slow cook it but dnt let it bubble just let it get to the point right b4 boil then swish it around a bit cuzz some oil will collect on the side of the pot an do that untill ALL the iso is gone an NO bubbles are in your end product.When boiling off the iso fill a big pot with 3/4 water an then put the strained iso into a smaller pot an put it on top of the water in the bigger pot an let it boil off like that……NEVER EVER EVER EVER put the iso on direct heat.I make it all the time.Plus if you can use only bud…your oil will be WAY WAY better than using shake.Imo this oil look like shit.
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  6. There's an awful lot of bubbles in the end product. It should be Quiescent (inactive) when all solvent has been purged. Also did you decarboxylate at the start or during purging stage?

  7. Very well done. The best video on RSO that I have seen so far and I have seen quite a few. Well explained in detail.
    I hope this works by brother in law needs this fast.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge

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