1. There is FAR more research and knowledge of CBD and Cannabis than Ibuprofen, Tylenol etc…. it's also much safer than oxy and other prescription drugs, the USA holds a patent on cannabinoids. CBD and Cannabis products are the future of medicine. The fact that a herbal medicine is more promising than chemical drugs is amazing, it's the only thing that fixes my muscular pain and it's the best product for my anxiety too.

  2. I take CBD oil. I've never smoked. I sleep so much better now and my anxiety is very low if not unnoticeable when I take my oil.
    That 5% CBD oil they say… I don't know what's else is included.

  3. lmao oral cbd bioavailability is like 3% so even if you dumped a whole tincture bottle in ur coffee (say 300mg) of cbd, you'd only be getting 9mg absorbed into your bloodstream, which is extremely negligible. given that a decent bottle the size of 300mg will cost you $30-50+, it's better to just grow your own cbd flower and vape it

  4. LMFAO VOX i was interested in this video then i saw that the reference is an ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. Be more credible. Get a doctor or researcher not someone at the level of a TA at Columbia.

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