U.S. Pot Legalization Possible by 2021, Howard Dean Says

Feb.21 — Former Vermont Governor Howard discusses the North American trade landscape, the prospects for legalized marijuana in the U.S. and the outlook for …


  1. it doesn't matter. politicians are not our Leaders, they are not kings, they are not better. they work for us. they are OUR servants. they are the equivalent of the girl taking your order at McDonald's. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT ANSWER TO GOVERNMENT. GOVT ANSWERS TO US..

  2. It's time we change our ways 2 many people dying out there while they keep saying they have 2 do more research 2 legalize weed use your common sense and look at the numbers people no1 dies from a marijuana overdose and the truth shall set u free

  3. I remember watching dragnet when I was just a boy I remember watching an episode where a dude jumped off a building cause snakes were after him bill and I said it was from smoking weed

  4. Actions speak louder than words n the gov want death n comotion in the public, the fact that weed is illegal n cigs, alcohol n prescription pills r available at mass amounts

  5. Hey dean. Remember when lost the presidential candidacy with your “dean scream. Ha!!! you’re a weirdo? Nobody likes you so you should shut up

  6. I would love and cant wait to see marijuana re-considered by the Federal Govt, Especially on crimes with marijuana and the army. Coming from my prospective, I got in trouble 9 years ago for 2 oz ($250) of pot and was treated as i was selling 200 pounds and in the state of Florida causing me to loose great jobs, education funding. Now I will never be able to apply for the army even 9 years later, And never being in trouble since or before… I know the army doesn't need stoner's or any drug users, But what about people who honestly made a mistake and have since been changed their lifestyle.

  7. 2021, shit or get off the pot, quit draging your heels we need money to stop flooding.pay down the trillion dollars we owe. Let the people vote on what they want. Our reps are not listening to what the people want. Why did people vote for patrick he is not for what people want. Stop voiting for patrick.

  8. Praise Jesus! The harmful pharmaceutical (pharmakia) industry has crippled us! It has been about greed and prejudice. We made one of God's most healing plants illegal. Insanity

  9. Be It Remembered, "What God gave to man, man cannot take away from man.." Genesis 1:29 (KJV) 29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. // Can they outlaw "apples" tomorrow..? if apples killed cancer then they would be ILLEGAL!!!! "when any form of government become destructive of the ends.." "nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.." They are told DON'T DO IT, AND THEY DO IT.. What should be their punishment..? “a law repugnant to the Constitution is void, and courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.” Chief Justice John Marshall, US Supreme
    Court, 1803..

  10. He says its a dangerous drug for teens lolbut thay put kid and teens on much harder drugs throu the doc daily the add drugs which is meth the prozak all that bull shit reather my teen smoke bud that take all that bull shit and wanna blow his fuckin brain out

  11. Don't be surprised if Trump promises to legalize when he runs for re-election.
    Despite the tariffs, which even he says himself aren't ideal, the economy is doing better and there is lower unemployment among minorities. If he promises to legalize weed it's just going to be one less reason for a lot of people to vote Democrat. we'll see how it rolls out, but that's my prediction for 2020 as of now.

  12. yeh, but you dont hear about the people who get wrongfully charged for marijuana. then they blast you all over the news with out knowing the facts. cause they dont wanna look bad. smh…

  13. Tractors are too expensive but lets not talk about that right to repair law that would force the tractor manufacture to open up the code to allow repair.The farmers would gladly pay 8k extra for a tractor that can be repaired in the field.

  14. Only reason they are legalizing anything is because the money they are making off it. They don’t care about us the people if they did we wouldn’t be having all these problems with our leaders. They only care about what they can take from us not our best intersect or most of all not our freedoms at all.

  15. “Trump likes losing.. I guess” WHAT?!?! Who is this guy?? He is quite the assumption maker. Oh he is a former presidential candidate… hmmm… makes complete sense now.

  16. In 1969, my uncle was pulled over for a routine traffic ticket in Los Angeles. The LAPD found one joint under the seat of his car. He was given a one year prison sentence, and when he came out his job as a school teacher was over, they revoked his license to teach, his two children were an emotional wreck, and his wife divorced him. He became a drunk and died from alcohol abuse two years later.

    This is what the US government did to hundreds of thousands of Americans for smoking a plant that grows naturally in the earth, for free. It is non habit forming, is a natural painkiller, controls glaucoma, and has thousands of uses as an inexpensive clothing fiber. But opiate based drugs like heroin and Oxycodone continue to kill millions, all over the world, making trillions of dollars in corporate profits for both illegal street drug pushers and legal prescription drug pushers, globally. In fact, that's the only reason we continue to send our young men and women to die in Afghanistan, guarding the US military-controlled heroin poppy fields. DOESN'T ANYONE SEE A PROBLEM HERE???

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