WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE SHOW – Police Hallucinating on Edibles, Big Month for Cannabis and more!

Let’s have some fun! January the biggest month for legal cannabis – Amazing…


  1. Hi I'm a new supporter I hit the Bell as well I am 420 friendly and would like you to support my channel if you would. Thank you and have a nice day. Look forward to smoke sesh's. Thank God for medical marijuana

  2. Tried to watch this live it kept loading and could only watch in 3 second burst. So I just turned it on and did something else. Watching it now and it's fine

  3. I had 28g of BHO turned it into edibles, put 2g of the wax into a batch and ate 3 brownies one time and had LSD like fractal overlay visuals on everything that was reflective , granted i had taken a heavy dose of LSD about a week earlier

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