"Weed the People" documentary follows children with cancer receiving cannabis treatments

Research has shown that cannabis has a number of health benefits, but because of federal regulations, access and further research is limited. A new …


  1. It shouldn't have been made illegal in the first place ,it's safer the alcohol, you can't overdose on it , it's was just lobbying by pharma ,textiles, and lumber and petroleum plastic companies because hemp can cut into profits of those . Also is biodegradable ,profits over sustainability and health

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  3. I wanted to mention that they claim that originally, when they first started out to outlaw marijuana, the actual target was the U.S.A.'s hemp industry that was the real target. We have a huge problem here in the USA understanding that we are about 3% of the world population. And of course we are big big targets and will be as long as we are in the game.

  4. Those kids make me proud of my marijuana felony from Idaho state supreme court level and everything I am proud of my marijuana felony after watching this piece you go girls

  5. Thank you, CBS News. It's long past time to end the failed war on drugs completely in my opinion.
    If you're still against even studying cannabis as a medicine,, Congratulations, you're against giving medicine to sick children.

  6. Down vote from big pharma CEO who loves his possessions more than your kids.

    Findings in a new research review indicate that cannabidiol (CBD) can help those addicted to opioids by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

    Studies indicate that cannabidiol (CBD), a natural cannabinoid found in cannabis, effectively reduces the cravings and withdrawal symptoms in those addicted to opioids, a new research review concludes. Yasmin L. Hurd, PhD, the Director of the Center for Addictive Disorders for the Mount Sinai Behavioral Health System, examined the findings of animal studies and a small human pilot and published her findings in the journal Trends in Neuroscience.

    Doctors commonly prescribe opioids for the management of severe or chronic pain. The powerful medications bind to opioid receptors throughout the brain, spinal cord, and other areas of the body, which in turn reduce the perception of pain and produce a sense of well being. Opioids, while effective, carry a high risk of abuse and addiction, and every day in the U.S. 78 people die from an opioid-related overdose.

    Hurt found that findings in animal model studies indicate that cannabis can help in the treatment efforts of those addicted to opioids. In particular, there’s accumulating evidence suggesting that CBD reduces both withdrawal symptoms and the rewarding properties of opioids to decrease cravings.

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