What employees need to know about Illinois marijuana bill

State legalization opens up a lot of questions for both employers and employees when it comes to marijuana use in Illinois.


  1. The issue here is I can get fucking hammered on alcohol friday night and obviously be fine by monday morning. But impaired into Saturday morning. If I were to get high as fuck after work on Friday there's zero impairment by midnight but difference is a drug test would show pot metabolites (that's the non impairing parts that stay in your sytem). Only a blood test for active THC is accurate. If employers agree to that type of testing I'm fine with it. Otherwise it's discrimination of a much safer and healthier form of recreational mood altering.

  2. People are already doing that and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Most of the time managers don’t know when someone is high. Also any of those urine tests can be faked with synthetic urine.

  3. I have no problem with drug testing if it can tell the difference between a person who just got high or a person who was high the night before. Until that technology is here, drug testing for marijuana is like peeking into somebody’s shades at night.

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