Why Dr. Sanjay Gupta Is Talking About Medical Marijuana Again

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent explains why he believes marijuana may be the solution to the national opioid crisis. He outlines the three …


  1. The politicians work for the tax payers, who are they to tell us what we cannot have when the majority of the public wants it legalized and rescheduled, lets just let every state vote on it and let the majority decide instead of it all being in the hands of a bunch of old rich drunk men

  2. There's no difference between medical marijuana and "recreational" marijuana. The only reason people distinguish between the two is because of how and/or why it's used. Sure, marijuana makes sick people feel better. But it also makes healthy people feel better. And what's wrong with using cannabis as a preventative measure so you reduce the chance of coming down with the ailments that sick people are taking cannabis for? It's my view that cannabis should be on the food pyramid, not locked up in a pharmacy. Knowing this makes waiting on all the naysayers, fence-sitters and researchers to catch up with what actual pot-users already know from personal experience. And unfortunately, that personal experience and testimony has always been rejected because science doesn't accept that as evidence. 🙁

  3. Tch is why im alive and I fully believe that. Being bipolar, and dealing with high anxiety, insomnia, and constant muscle tensing, along with PTSD, and just basic mental trauma from being birthed by a 12 year old and produced by a very sick old man, I've had reason after reason to just give up and end it all. When you feel as bad as I do even on a good day you'd understand. I've been on pills since I was a child. They never worked, I never felt better, I felt the same and physically sick on top of it going from this dose to that dose this med to that med, until I started smoking back when cali was the only legal state, but it works immediately, my muscles tense so bad it's hard to even pee sometimes, not when I have that. My stomach is in constant pain from gastroenteritis and diverticulitis and crohn's disease, but not when I have that, it's saved my life because it's the only thing that makes me feel like I should be feeling from the start. I didn't ask for the problems I have, I didn't do anything to create them, but why can't I fix them when I know what works. At the same I feel like a criminal for it and I don't think I should. I have a hard time keeping a job without some medical assistance, but the pills had me so sick I was constantly calling out anyway, the insomnia pills put me out for 18 hours at a time, then I'd have to lie back down a couple hours later I never felt awake I just felt drugged, pot doesn't do that. It legit makes me cry because I feel like the ones in charge just want me to be sick.

  4. Release What Truly Works Across America! Keep it out of the Greedy Hands Of BigPharma! Opioids ruined my life!! CBD Changed My Life But I Deserve A Slight Bit More THC For Chronic Pain!!

  5. Works for me dammit just expensive as hell. Idk what kind of opioids ppl taking was on them for years on and off if I didnt have them I just didn't wasn't bugging out running the streets looking for them or going to 1000 drs to get them. Never got sick when I stopped. And there was no high good sleep but no high to be tripping about.

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