1. I'm a 42 year old Republican and never used any illegal drug a day in my life. However after hearing the pro's and cons of marijuana I would say I would have to vote for it. So I just hope Trump gets on board.

  2. Republicans just want to discriminate against LGBTQ people, transgenders in the military, caging children. Working with Putin on our next election. He has never once mentioned cannibas at his rallies???.

  3. Last I knew no one needed a license to grow soybeans! ? Do we ban growing potatoes because vodka or corn because of beer? Do some true research! Cannabis is non-toxic! Taxation is theft! Sow Seeds!!! OUR HUMAN RIGHT!

  4. Eventually it will be legal throughout the U.S. When that happens I hope they come up with a way to test for THC like they do alcohol. If they can't accurately distinguish between it simply being in the system and someone currently being under the influence it leaves the door open for employers to fire over something a person does on their free time.
    What's worse is the cops will go crazy giving everyone DUI's. It's a b.s revenue generator they'll use by at the very least citing people who smoked 28 days ago. You can not convince me that the technology doesn't exist to accurately test and determine if someone smoked 20 minutes ago, 2 days ago, or 20 days ago. I dont even smoke but I can see the problem with cops and drivers already.

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