10 Steps to Starting a CBD Business in 2019

The founder of Joy Organics shares the 10 steps to starting your own CBD business. CHECK OUT OUR PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS: …


  1. I chose http://www.IslandStrong.com. Paid $25000 for the domain. Big investment for a domain name, but it works for us because we are based on the US islands. We do a lot of health supplements, organic snacks, drinks etc. The weird thing here on Guam is cannabis is legal. residents can actually grow up to 6 plants. But the main bank will not process cbd transactions. it's ridiculous.

  2. Hey, does it matter what bank I use? I'm starting from scratch. Can I just apply for any online banking account and categorize my business under health and beauty? If my merchant account is taken care of, does it matter what bank I do business with?

  3. Please correct me if I'm wrong:
    The easiest way to start your own CBD- business is by joining a network marketing system which is backed up by a leading CBD producer.
    However, that's why I did it, so I didn't need to go through most of the steps you are describing.

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