2019 Cali Legal Grow * Day 30 * Checking Ec/PH with Low Humidity Conditions

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  1. i have a small grow box and cant seem to keep humidity at a respectable level..its drops down to 20%..should i lower amount of nutes i feed?..like instead of say 2ml/gallon drop it down to 1ml/gallon? if i cant keep humidity under control?

  2. Aloha Vades….that beast at the end of the video is just a masterpiece brother.  She's so dang frosty and the tacos on those fan leafs are crazy.  I'm blown away on this cross.  I might actually have to save my duckets for a pack.  Blessings

  3. Greetings from the uk. I have some seedlings of the exact same timescale to this grow, topped as soon as I saw the topping video.However my bottom branches are lagging way behind. Would there be a particular reason for this? Is this a trait in your genetics. Seems to be quite common in my grows, everything is healthy just the bottom branches seem to never take off this early! Just something I’ve noticed when watching your videos. Any advice from yourself Vader or anyone in the YouTube community would be really appreciated.

  4. aloha vader 🙂 great update and lookin very healthy.. boi fo those flowers look fine i hope we might get another gauntlet with vader actual smoke test 🙂

    peace and cya tomorow 🙂

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