1. With the recent push to update federal exceptions within 280E to include marijuana companies and their ability to reduce their tax burden, it could spell a breakout opportunity for companies to increase cash reserves and profits as they won't be bleeding so much due to the harsh tax code. It's being debated now and could shift the industry tremendously.

  2. Check the financials on RMHB. The CEO diluted the hell out of the company, lining his pockets with millions, and then "retired" leaving the company $26 million in debt. They are a share selling machine. It went up last year because it got lumped in with the MJ sector so it went up with the rest of the MJ stocks and dropped as well. But as a company, it's a train wreck. I wouldn't touch it even as a pump and dump. They have photoshopped PR materials saying that they had new products ready for market. They have a lot of PRs all about what "will" happen but never does. Distribution deals that don't happen, new products that don't happen, you name it. I followed them until about a year ago but they got crazy with their dilution.

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