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Learn how to master your Medical Marijuana grow ➑️ More and more states are allowing people to grow their own Medical Cannabis and or a few recreational Cannabis…


  1. Wow great video I do not consider myself a master by any means of the word but i do have some experience… The best advice I have heard from anyone on any of these videos, 1 Treat them like your kids!! ABSOLUTELY 2 Genetics Hige part of it all 3 Pests you couldn't be more right on this subject snip it in the bud pun intended hahahaha jk but seriously stop it as quickly as possible 4 The best part of the video the most important part by all means PATIENCE!!! When i first started I would get so excited n not give them a chance to show me there full potential, It amazed me that when I finally learned this one the difference it made and how much more yields you can achieve by being patient… Your plants do the most swelling and tightening up the last couple weeks of your run as far as I'm concerned if you don't master this then your wasting your time and money and makes the first 3 points irrelevant!! Thank You for this Video as it reaffirmed i finally am doing things correctly great job on the info n vid!! HAPPY GROWING EVERYONE!!

  2. Gotta disagree with him saying dont feed 1/4 strength nutes. Its easier and better to fix an underfed plant than an overfed plant. Nutrient companys are in the business to make money. Thus the more nutrients you use the more you will need the more money they make. And then when you over feed people are quick to think they got a deficiency or some other problem and run out to the store to buy the bogus product that will just cause even more problems.
    Bottom line Feed your plants the PROPER nutrients and amount for what stage your plant is in.
    Veg higher nitrogen.
    Early flowering lower nitrogen bump up Phosphorus
    Middle flower bump even more Phosphorus and cut nitrogen
    Late flower reintroduce low nitrogen cuz you maybe getting a lil deficient and pump up the potassium from mid flower to week to 10 days before harvest as well as unsulfured molasses.
    Flush last week to 10 days. .
    Keep it simple stupid. 23 years experience here.

  3. wow you guys are really great at giving a good explanation! i'm gathering intel to start my first grow and you guys are great. do you have a preference site or brand where i can find those good genetics? also would you recommend regular or feminized seeds? thanks already

  4. My very first grow I grew out of a bag seed from some schwag ditch weed. I used about 8 23w cfls, tap water and soil from my back yard, and I, as well as anyone else who tried it said it was some of the best weed any of us had ever tried. So your point about needing proper nutes to grow anything decent is false.

  5. Hi, Rob, I always trust your info. Please tell me…I have a 6700W LED light…with a VEG & BLOOM light switch on it. I'm growing Auto Flower 1st time ever to grow anything… Question: Do I TURN BOTH SWITCHES "ON", or is there a certain time for each switch ? I had the VEG light on for 28. days and today I TURNED on the BLOOM switch. I have not ideal… I need SOLID advise. Keep up the great VIDEOS… AS ALWAYS THANKS

  6. Thanks for the info bro…. I plan on growing some Auto-flowers to start out on 1st grow…. free seeds… I have a small 3x3x72" tent…… I'm thinking Fabric bags/pot…. how does 3 Gallon size, from START- FINISH ? What do you think? Again Thanks for the info.

  7. Bro. I just soaked my seed in water yesterday and placed my seed inside a pot with soil in my closet. Although, I dont have much money for a heat lamp or any extravagant upgrades. Any tips??

  8. Thanks; my tent just arrived and I’m going to do things by the number instead of my way. I Subscribed because most of the other guys like you really ramble on but nothing gets accomplished. Thanks for being different and keep on!

  9. Good info bro, please tell me where I can get good Genetics, that ships to the USA. I live in a Medical Marijuana Legal state… Like AR., OK., etc., Any help, will help. Peace

  10. I just love your input on this vid bro I just finished my first grow. I almost had every single problem you mentioned in the video except mites. This video is a wake up call for all home or professional grows… stay lifted my friends

  11. Feed your plant Tomato Nutrients. Dont buy the expensive shit. ALL MARKETING. Phoshor = Phosphor, Kalium = Kalium, plant doesnt care. Been growing for years, Yes, it's more fun to use those expensive stuff but it's useless. I got near maximum result 1/m2 with cheap Nutrients.

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