1. Legalizing pot may be "low-hanging political fruit," but it's more symbolic at this point. There are a lot of old Republicans who view legalizing pot through the prism of the dreaded 60s. They don't want to give "those Hippies" a "win."

  2. Legalize ! Just about anyone can grow. This is not rocket science this is growing a vegetable garden basically very simple stuff.Should not be taxed anymore then tomatoes at the grocery store!

  3. Remember in 2007 when obama said he was going to legalize marijuana and thats how he got so popular before anyone knew he was black they knew he was supposed to be for weed and yea hes turned out to be a fucking lier and a disaster

  4. Ot should be. Moat of the drugs should be. It will better for everyone. Control and quality. We all know that no fuck one can stop kids to try stuff. That way it will be controlled. This is how I think. :))

  5. This is the downfall of the country. Everybody already is puffing on the oil pens, baked off there ass all day. I see it everywhere. Marijuana is a gateway drug it’s impossible to say it isn’t.

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