A look inside a cannabis cultivation center as lawmakers debate legalizing recreational marijuana

The movement to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois appears headed for a vote by the end of the month, and as lawmakers debate legalizing the drug, …


  1. People already smoke it everyday. It's upsetting that we won't be able to grow our own though. New smokers will bring lots of money but people that have connects with street prices will probably still shop with their plug. Who wants to pay 2 or 3 X the $ for the same product?

  2. Iv tryed alot Illinois medical pot huge selection its on par with California and Colorado but its alittle over priced 55 a 1/8 and the edible are super overpriced but i kinda think thats a good thing when it comes to edibles because of how easy it is to take to much at the moment they go for about 5$ per 10mg

  3. Knowing that alcohol and tobacco are literally killing people (liver disease, lung cancer) and nicotine being horribly addictive, thankfully this natural plant that has been sadly and mistakenly demonized will be fully legalized very soon. This will also assist those in pain as we start to move to use for pain relief and move away from big pharma opioids and synthetic medications that do not work. Very forward thinking and if removed, as it should be from schedule medication, it can be properly studied in the US. That it is still not able to be legally studied in this country is shameful and backward. The stigma that some still place on this natural medication (do your research on how and who made it illegal in the first place, very eye-opening) must also be removed by proper education and community outreach as the current understanding by many is sorely lacking and based on no or false or misleading information. (And of course, this will greatly help Illinois economically as it has other states, bottom line, everyone wins.)

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