BEAUTY NEWS – Updates | 29 January 2019

Welcome to Beauty News Updates! Time stamps are below and all links are affiliate links. 0:29 Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter 2:30 Blackmoon Cosmetics Orb of Light Palette 6:49…


  1. I love you two so much.. and I adore this channel… but I can't help but feel like you all go purposefully hard on Jeffree to the point that it's a bit frustrating for the whole effect of the video. I love his brand and stan his makeup, and accept that it's a polarizing fondness… but watching a video like this where you spend a major portion of the video going in on very specific aspects of a simple collection reveal video is frustrating when you don't give that same degree of Sherlock Holmes detective work and speculation for other brands. I get that you have preconceived notions about the brand itself… and other brands, for that matter… but this video made it obvious that there's some unlevel playing field, and I wish I could've finished the video. I had to stop in the middle of the J* grill session because I don't feel like you hold other brands as accountable for details and quality as much as you do J*. Like I said: I adore you too and I love this channel, but I had to be honest about it.

  2. My husband is reading next to me and when Haley is yelling dick vagina in her Australian accent followed by kat yelling cockkkkkkk! he slowly looks and asks β€œ what the fuck kind of makeup video are you watching?” Lol ummmmm the best fucking beauty channel of all time! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. In reference to the Jeffree Star package, being able to flip the eyeshadows up and out as you mentioned could be handy for storing eyeshadow brushes underneath. Instead it's wasted space.

  4. YES! The beauty killer palette swatches SOOOOO bad but performs really well lmao. I remember using my pals and complaining about how shit it Swatched to him on IG then felt bad after using them the next day and they were great πŸ˜‚

  5. I think it might be the red coloured palette that's off-putting (the inside). After staring at the individual shades, I do like the colours … but not enough to buy It! πŸ˜† Edit: I'm talking about the new Jeffree Star palette.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't fond of all the void space in the Blood Sugar palette. I wish he'd kept the palette thinner, and used the chunky box to house a bundle. It looks amazing, but it'll take up so much space. Personally I wish he'd kept the ten massive pan format too and cut out some of those blander/duplicate shades. One of my favourite things about his brand is that you always felt like he was giving you a ton of product to play with. I own all the palettes he's put out and 30 of his lipsticks, but I'm pretty lukewarm about this collection.

  7. Oh god that KVD palette should have released in the fall and it would sell out immediately in Seattle because itβ€˜s all Seahawks colors. Missed opportunity releasing long after (US) football season is over.

  8. So I'm one of those people who avoid Jeffree like the plague but I'm STILL considering buying the palette. I've been waiting for more than year that someone would release a palette like Blood Sugar. Is it something new and amazing? No. But I feel like it hits the mark with people like me who want all the popular shades of red, burgundy and purple in one palette without going full on Morphe with the number of pans.

    That said if the shadows are going to stain I'm not buying it. And now that you mentioned that he didn't swatch it… I'm just going to wait for the reviews.

  9. I want the blood sugar pallette so bad (reds and pinks are my fave) but I'm probably not buying it because of the bulky case. When he previewed it, like you, I was seriously hoping the pallette would come out of that case and was destroyed when I saw it was one piece. I don't have space for that thing!! I love the idea of using the case as a clutch but don't want to spend $52 to depot these shadows and ruin the case. Could you guys give it a go for us make-up break up style? Love your channel!

  10. I love cool toned shadows, as a warm-toned WOC it's really hard to find some that look correct on my skin. Sometimes the greys and cool cream shadows look like shit on me because the options are too pale, so I'm always demanding more variety of cool toned shadow palettes that suit deeper skin. I would say my favorites would be viseart cool mattes and the ciate london chloe palette vol 1. Those have good pigment that don't fade over time. Melt gunmetal stack is pretty unique. Sydney grace has a winter bundle that is a little more on the COLORFUL cool toned spectrum that is really beautiful as well. It would be nice to see Colourpop do one cool toned and one rainbow-like palette. A lot of their palettes are starting to blend together for me lol. That naked 3 palette scares me because I hated naked 1, urban decay shadows are so inconsistent lol

  11. I love you ladies and also I love the jstar collection I want it all and I thought it was gonna be different too I wish he would have searched it too!!! Also thought it would be a bit different but I still want it.all lol!!!

  12. Did you know what she’s only been selling it cosmetics for 7 years? So I think when she sold her brand last year coming out with more shades was a huge accomplishment for someone who started in her home, couldn’t get an investor etc. these other company’s like tarte who have been around for years, are not growing and evolving like it cosmetics!

  13. Hailey and Kat, what are your favorite red shadows? I’ve been on the hunt for some great reds and I’m tired of spending money on crap. So if you ladies could just point me in the correct direction, I would be forever grateful. ❀️
    PS- I’m looking for true reds and other shades of red to make a few looks.

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