California Cannabis Strain Diversity in 2019

Kevin Jodrey from Wonderland Nursery predicts a lack of strain diversity for consumers in the short (and possibly long) term in the California cannabis market. Tens of thousands of craft…


  1. so trippy, I was just thinking abut genetics and how there is never going to be a time that all cannabis strains will be available, just a limited selection no matter how wide the selection is 🤯

  2. And when you say big conglomerats, you mean Monsanto, right? We all know they don't give a shit about strain diversity, they are going to monocrop the hell out of it, spray it with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides, coz they don't give a shit about our lives either…what all these new laws are about is giving way for big companies, and choke the small time farmers to death. This is their new strategy after realizing how bad they lost the war on drugs. Divide et impera, the classical bullshit again.

  3. i keep genetics whether im allowed or not, i may grow 4 outside but I have another 20 indoors that im working with. As long as this kind of nonsense happens Ill be sticking to stealth.

  4. Have you thought about grafting different cultivars to a single root system like they do in the apple industry? That way your mother plant will provide different cuts as you want to grow them out.

  5. Love me some Kevin!! As soon as I see him pop up with something new… He makes things so way for people to understand. He just has that thing about him that makes talking about cannabis easy.
    Im in Canada, we just legalized. Gonna be a lot of shit gonna need to be ironed out.
    The fkn ex-police chief and his cronies wrote out our "legalization". We are oh so fortunate to be able to grow 4 per HOUSEHOLD at any 1 time. Well fuck, thats a mum, 2 cutts and a mature plant pretty much. Not gonna be able to hold onto multiple cultivars to be able to flower like this. Perhaps thats why they made that number up?
    Same as police have the "breathalizer" thats not gonna work here. It even says its not accurate under 5 celcius (50f?), well hell Canada is under that 5 celcius mark for half the year! So half the year its not accurate. WTF??

  6. I really respect this man I think he's fucking awesome full of useful information, and up to date knowledge…watched quite a few videos with him in, would defiantly recommend considering him has a good quality source for your future knowledge of cannabis. Pretty fucking high fyi.

  7. Hi guys. Thanks for sharing all the fascinating information! Love your work Kevin, truly inspirational. I have recently received some seeds from a hippie who's grown the same strain outdoors since the 80's. I'm wanting to use as breeding stock in future projects but unsure on how to go about it. Would appreciate any advice on how and what to select for. I'm in northland new Zealand known as the cannabis capital of the country. But no one is breeding strains to fit our humid climate. Would like to know what you think! Cheers from Aotearoa!!

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