CBD Is Still Banned in States With Legal Weed

California Public Health officials confiscated $140000 worth of cannabidiol-infused beverages from an LA warehouse. _____ Subscribe to our YouTube …


  1. CBD derived from industrial hemp is not the same as CBD derived from marijuana that is why it is illegal in California. Industrial hemp is an impure form of cannabis not meant for digestion.

  2. Are we supposed to feel bad because he didn’t bother to find out what the law was first? Nah! He got what he had coming to him. A little research would’ve spared himself some trouble.

  3. One of the weirder questions I never see addressed or clarified. CBD is illegal when mixed with food products and drinks (falls under FDA rules), but what about the pure CBD oil only? This is a supplement, not mixed in food. Does this equate to an edible as well?

  4. It's NOT a "strange phenomena", you just need to understand why certain laws exist, and who are the real benefactors from not the law itself, but from the enforcement of said law . . . even if said law does not exist. People need to realize that politicians do not work for us, and laws are not enacted to protect us, but rather to protect the elite or provide them with more power and/or control.

  5. I work at a convience store in NC, and we sell CBD products, and they sell greate. I have many regular customers that take it everyday for everything from anxiety to swollen ankles.

  6. Why didn't the dude studied the law before starting the business. Burocracy are often assohles but get well informed before selling a product with an illegal substance in it. It's crazy that beverages with all sorts of chemicals are allowed but one that actually has a well known natural calming effect is banned

  7. Anti-anxiety drugs are associated with every single mass shooting since Columbine… CSU refused to allow my research papers on CBD in '88… PharmChem & DOJ are tools of global tyranny.

  8. Dumbass right wingers:Urr California is a communist state that won't let people sell cannibis products! He should come to Texas, where….. it''s…. illegal to smoke weed and… where Tesla can't sell you a car without going through the dealership organizations and…. where they lock your ass up because you dared to get high. But don't worry, you can can still get blackout drunk yeehaaaw!

  9. I can see a certain logic in CBD being treated as a prescription drug, and therefore not be sold over the counter to anyone, and included as an ingredient of a food item. There would need to be hard evidence to back up the risk of harmful effects when use is not supervised by a medical professional though. I don’t know enough about it myself to have an opinion.

  10. They are going to monopolize the weed biz so if you dont already have tons of money it's pointless unless you wanna be a budtender, manager of a dispensary, or someone who makes the products like a slave. Rich liberals have taken over. That farm bill was to take peoples farms to use for marijuana and hemp crops.

  11. all laws are terrorism by definition.

    if the government tries to steal your stuff, or tries to kidnap you, its your natural right to kill the terrorists (cops) in self defense…… if cops want to live… they can, and will, live in peace…. live in peace, or die, its THAT simple. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  12. I realize this isn’t the answer they’re asking for… but why not operate in another state that doesn’t have this issue and if bet has better tax structure?

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