1. CBD works great for lots of people. You can take it by smoking hemp, by vaping CBD, by putting drops of the liquid under the tongue, by eating the liquid either alone or in a food like gummies, and it can be but in the anus.

    I hear it takes a concentration of about .10% THC to get high where CBD is usually .3% or less THC to be legal and not give you a high.

    Since I'm not associated with ANYONE let me tell you it can be bought online also. Do your research some are just snake oil but you can Google good company's if you need a specific type and they don't have it.

    Good video over all glad you are informing people.
    THC does have a place in medicine though for tumors and cancer along with CBD. CBD helps counter act the high from THC. More THC and less CBD you have in medical the higher you get…..add more CBD and it will lesson the high from the THC. For people who don't like the high but want or need the THC it's said you can use it rectally and you don't get the same high but still get the medical benefits of the THC.
    DISCLAIMER I'm not a doctor, this is NOT medical advice. Do your research since some medicine could interact if you try this. I never used anything with high THC content do to local laws so those comments are based off of research I did not personal experience. DO MORE RESEARCH MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND…..

  2. Hey there Angie, loved the video very informative!
    I'm getting a vape with cbd oil, I've heard it will work with the body and balances the imbalances in the brain or whatever technicality of this!
    Your thoughts on vaping cbd? I'm very new to cbd, cbd oil especially, I suffer from anxiety and depression and I need this kind of break, recently quit smoking by taking nic shots with a vape and onto moving to cbd.

    Appreciate the response

  3. I am using full-spectrum CBD oil with THC that has been rendered non-psychoactive. Why? Because I have chronic inflammation and am not subject to drug testing. I experience no intoxication from it. It does take the edge off anxiety, which could be considered a form of inflammation. CBD is not cheap, but I am hoping to use it provisionally for alleviating the inflammation and its pain, so that the tissue can heal unimpeded by the inflammation.

  4. I've a friend who suffers chronic back pain and he bought some of this stuff. He woke up in agony a few days ago, squirted some in his mouth and 20 minutes later he was as right as rain.

  5. Unfortunately people are not educated the proper way about cbd. Yes Cbd isolates are helpful but not as medicinal when you combine cbd with thc. The 1:1 tinctures are the most medicinal. I know because i have tried them all

  6. Full spectrum CBD or hemp flower is best for me. Vaping high CBD flower has immediate effects that last a few hours. The effects I experience are-pain relief, stress and anxiety relief plus muscle relaxation and it’s been a great sleep aide

  7. I just bought a vape I have panic disorder and I been taking Prozac for couple of years I plan on stopping Prozac because it's causing stomach problems I have to say I do feel calm and relaxed and my ankles feel better. So far so good but I can't say a hundred percent because Prozac is still in my system so fingers crossed and pray

  8. I understand that a lot of CBD oil has kava root mixed in with it does plain CBD oil work on anxiety or must you have the kava root mixed in with it. Because I'm in recovery I do not want to use anything with THC in it

  9. Please help!! I've been thinking about wanting to use cbd oil for my anxiety. I haven't been diagnosed. But i believe i have generlized anxiety. I'm having trouble sleeping and I'm having back problems from tension. I hear it just makes you relaxed,and has no effect on your brain. Is that true?

  10. I used to smoke weed regular, now all I do is freak out. Literally, you couldn’t write the things I think when I am high…still I need something for my anxiety, is CBD oil the way forward for someone like me? What is the best form of it? Thank you. 😀

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