cheap indoor closet weed grow fire OG harvest

(18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENTS) INSTAGRAM: @innercityrebel SNAPCHAT: @innercityrebel Introducing the shitty cheap indoor closet weed grow FIRE OG harvest! Pretty happy with my grow…


  1. A lot of people say that your plants are unhealthy and that you messed up in the growing stage, but I didn't even get to see one leaf on my first grow (the seedling died) so you got farther than me. Walking into my closet and seeing a grow like this would still make me feel like a little kid on Christmas!

    Did you use any reflective material in your closet such as mylar to improve the light efficiency? Reflective material bounces light off the walls and gives it back to the plant. That's what I'm doing in my future setup.

    And did you smoke it yet? Did you feel as high as you would with some more well-grown weed?

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