1. Perhaps, the focus should not be Marijuana, but instead it should focus on HEMP which has more CBD to THC compared to Marijuana. Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis plants but Hemp has more Health benefits and has no psychoactive effects versus Marijuana… Hemp is all about the Health and not the high.

    Look it up. Educate yourselves. Empower yourselves.

  2. According to the CDC 80000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning…..According to the CDC 0 people die each year from marijuana…….in the history of record-keeping at the CDC no one has ever died from marijuana…..WHY…… Because it is non-toxic…. It is less toxic than bananas, coffee. And baby aspirin…..

  3. I'm literally appalled at how many very well paid Liar's there are who get to direct the course of American lifestyle from the lavishly appointed Studio's in NYC Like Dr {I use the term loosely } Sanjay Gupta who would love for all of you to believe the reason he flipped like a pan cake about the Weed subject was in part due to new medical study's and media attention because prior to that there just weren't any fact's out there about the positive elements of weed , It had nothing to do with the fact it was intentionally demonized & criminalized and issued the dreaded Schedule 2 moniker I believe and that all started with a phone call from the Great and not that wonderful Mr Rockefeller of the Petroleum cartel Standard Oil , Weed was written about and used medically in many cultures all around the world along with a close relative to weed the Hemp plant had been used from way way back for so many things including the very clean burning lamp oil used throughout many regions to light home's and shops But Standard oil needed someone to sell his newly found black shit to so they demonized it and criminalized it and even had the white populations of people thinking That Black men Stoned on the "Devil Weed" were coming for your daughter's to rape them . OK That's done . Now flip the page to today . So for many year's The Very Savy and oh so entrepreneurial Dr Sanjay Gupta was in lock step with the FoxNews Mentality and OK calling it illegal "Narcotics" But now today because of the decades old middle class economic decline and total lack of real job opportunity together with the 2008 intentional looting & pillaging of our entire Country wide Middle class wealth transfer and let's not for get the Monsanto "protection act" Guess what people a real News Shocker Monsanto/Bayer's recent announcement into the soon to be legalized Weed industry we will not only be able to eat Our GMO Round up ready Monsanto Food's but Smoke The newly released Monsanto/Bayer GMO Round Up Ready weed ….. HELLO .. So What do you think Sanjay would do next ? Of Course !!!! Sanjay say's because of all the new Media attention and New medical study's about weed I've completely changed my mind but What's horrifying is this nut-less prick actually had the audacity to say it so matter of factually and with a straight face , So Like I said "Dr" Sanjay has been completely compromised his opinion's tainted as he is literally in Lock step with Big Aggro / Big Pharma / Banking / Petro Big Corp.. This Man for year's in the earlier part of his career demonized weed like it was the Devil Because that was what he was told to do Now because Monsanto is getting ready to take it Internationally and sell He has changed his mind . This Man is perpetrating a fraud he is totally disingenuous and without an ounce of moral Or testicular fortitude He is damaged good's a sell out .

  4. It's hilarious for that dope from CNN asking about what affect journalism has had on changing attitudes regarding marijuana, especially since it is rarely practiced on his network.

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