Driving High: Is the test for weed reliable? – The Fifth Estate

As Canada prepares for legal pot, the federal government plans to spend as much as $80-million to train 750 police officers to smoke out high drivers. But how sound is the test? A Fifth Estate…


  1. I got arrested in in 8th grade ( 1980) walking through a park with a screwdriver in my back pocket, for carrying a weapon, went to court ,my dad had to pay a $500 fine, i was young and my parents didn't speak english very well, to us that was a lot of money, didn't realy understand the law, ( told the cop i was walking home from a friend house and borrowed the screwdriver to fix my skateboard, his response was " yeah right"! Didn't find out to later that the citation had me for carrying a knife, this cop was just racist, never trusted the police ever since.

  2. Why not just go straight to testing fluids? Also, why not invest in a way to test fluids on the field? The bad thing about this is you are one fasting or bad night's sleep, and one overzealous police officer away from possibly ruining your reputation.

  3. You would think after an accident they would take someone to the hospital for testing, rather then having the police do it. That poor man who was having a stroke sure needed that to be done. smh

  4. The tests are bad. Thats just that. I've had police accuse me of being high while driving, when I hadn't done a thing. And I've had police test me like this when I was high on more than just weed and say I was fine. Sometimes a blood test is taken after the fact but that runs into issues aswell.

  5. these tests do not work. A friend of mine who does not drink or do drugs, he was stopped arrested his car towed, he lost his employement, because an officer said he smoked weed. He even went to hospital get blood test but it took two months, and when he got results they just dropped the charges and thats it nothing no sorries or reperations. VALDOR, QUEBEC

  6. They can’t just pull out the swob in the 2000s.? Come on! Just robbing these people of hard earned money through tickets , lawyers and days missed.
    ..FOH wonder why people eat pork!

  7. In Australia we have the mouth swab test for pot and then been put through court when they have been near a smoker. Then there are ppl who don't read but are under the influence. It will not be long until it will be blood test only… how stupid when pot impairment is not even close to alcohol impairment. Moreover, in Australia they are adding prescribed meds and in some states the police have access to your medical records available in the cop car.. our freedoms are in the wind

  8. "Alcohol is one of number one reasons for auto accidents. Tobacco is one of the number one causes of cancer. Marijuna has not been proven to be a contributing factor in any auto accident. Marijuana still has no links to cancer. Yet it is still classified as a Schedule I drug."
    -A.H. Roberts

  9. Police are angry that society has legalized marijuana. This DUI for marijuana is the new ‘cash cow’ for police. It used to be a cop could claim “I smell weed” to completely destroy your 4th Amendment rights. They need to start building more prisons for you and me to live in.

  10. i call bullshit, that cops body language showed he was nervous, and the cops can't be wrong, they bust you, they take breath of urine or blood and they find nothing? "oh, sorry you can go" meanwhile you have to pay for your car being towed, of which they rip apart hoping to find something, now have long hair and long beard, as i do, and i suffered from bias just by my looks, cops suck, looking for brownie pts w/ the watch commander

  11. I was charged with a DUI. I'm a disabled Vet and I use 3:1 ratio CBD/THC to treat a couple of things. I've been fighting the charges for 26 months now. I wanted to warn others of another trap that still exists in the California legal system with the use of medical marijuana.  I had never had a speeding ticket before that night. I also was still working for the Airforce at the time with a active security clearance. Hopefully by finally talking about this openly I can help someone else avoid it. Its Expensive but fighting it is a must!! @

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