Full CNN Documentary Weed Parts 1-3 (2013-2015)

CNN’s award-winning chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a chief neurosurgeon, puts medical marijuana under the microscope. All three (3) of CNN’s current “Weed” documentaries compiled…


  1. Very comprehensive. Thank you. Something so very wrong. Fancy knowing its benefits but not sharing. Then patenting it so it could not be used to produce medicine???
    Using citizens quite happily to fight wars but then letting them suffer for so long as a result of risking their lives for "your causes"???
    What good is spending billions on going to the moon when you can't ok a simple study/research project?
    What was the priority…the agenda… reduce population … allow big pharmas to decide what's beneficial for them over human lives?
    When a govt clearly does not care for its citizen's lives it should be replaced. "Regime change". Replacing dictators works all over the world right?

  2. i had a stroke in the back of my brain. fore months ago when it happened i was asleep.when i woke up my left eye was halfway black. so my mom sent me to a hospital. were i spent three months and. my mane doctor asked me if i was high when this happened. i told him yes i was high. i had smoked two bowl loads before going to bed. he told me cannabis had saved my life.

  3. there is NO proof that weed is addicting. there's absolutely NO way you can become a weed addict. true you can be an axid user that medicated constantly, but you will not die nor go into withdrawal if they person suddenly stopped cold turkey. im sure they will really really want their weed, but they will not be chemically addicted, please do not spread this bullshit myth as a reality.

  4. Thanks to my friend who give me bottle of CBD my pain to my back since 2002 go injured from work is now gone no pain to my back and my carpal tunnel pain came back the after 1year of my surgery and now also gone. Thank you so much for sharing my dear friend

  5. Marijuana is the only safe & healthy thing to do. Even more than legal prescription pills. The only side effects are happy hungry sleepy(not always in that order tho). It can help with depression, bi polar, insomnia, anxiety & panic attacks, seizures, epilepsy, & many types of physical pain, not to mention the positive feedback on recent studies with types of cancer & leukemia too. & technically marijuana is not a drug..drugs are manmade chemicals, marijuana is a plant. But if some really do consider it a drug..alright, but its not a dangerous one..no one has ever died just from smoking weed & its not a gateway to shit if you're smart about it. A lot of shit thats legal can be a gateway drug. Alcohol is as bad as crack/cocaine & meth & heroine is, & tobacco/nicotine is bad for health too people die from all that shit in one way or another every day. It really is just a plant yet its still mostly illegal, while shit you CAN die from is still legal..thats fucked up. Personally im not against smoking weed for medical purposes, as long as its not near kids, & the smoker is at least 18 or 21. I hope its legalized soon.

  6. from this video it is more than obvious that there is already a kartel of individuals starting with FED gov which are trying to protect and monoplize the economic benefits that they hope to gain through this plant. It's disgusting. People wake up and raise your voices to not let them win.

  7. My dad said, “that forbid it happen, but if you were diagnosed with any disease that medical cannabis could treat, we will move to Colorado or California to help you get better”
    -I am happy that I have an educated dad who understands medical and non medical cannabis sativa.

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