1. Governor Phil Murphy (D) announced that the state of New Jersey will set aside $2.1 million to provide legal aid to illegal immigrants facing deportation.

    This means U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill to defend people who broke immigration laws and try to keep them in America.

  2. Liquor is readily available to our youth whether in their parents' homes or while away in college. Liquor is far more dangerous to young adults than marijuana could ever be but yet we are not putting laws into place to prohibit sales or closing down liquor stores. We will have to deal with all the problems legislation will bring and deal with each one accordingly. But to keep marijuana illegal, or available after jumping through hoops for medical purposes is just plain wrong. Learn what is needed to support a legal distribution system and a good support system and change the laws that are so ridiculous.

  3. LOVE that things finally getting moving, BUT unsure why other studies (non – governmental) aren’t used to move forward more quickly? Slow better than nothing, BUT Cannabis safer than alcohol and other American habits/addictions.

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