Grow Marijuana: Is It Time to Harvest Outdoor Cannabis Crop? 2

Botrytis cinera (AKA grey mold, bud rot) affects a few buds. Volunteer marijuana plants are packed with big marijuana flower branches. Volunteer cannabis females are not as resinous and flowers…


  1. George, you always make growing so soothing. You never get stressed or worked up over something gone wrong. I love that! It helps me as a gardener and dealing with issues in life. Thank you!

  2. I will do my best to make this question intelligible .  In checking my gurls this week (I use a magnifier to check Trichome color) I found something new , or at least I haven't seen it before . Three stages to the color in Trichomes : clear , white/ cloudy and amber . This year I find instead of turning amber they look green . I zoomed in from my normal 100X to 200X and the "stems" are darkening but the "balls" on top are clear again instead of cloudy .  Any sagely advice to offer ? I can find nothing about this anywhere .

  3. I just got back into growing to me you are the man I think growing has gotten a little narcissistic with some of the comments I used to be a real farmer crops were bought and paid for before the 1st of spring vegetables and walnuts cherry s etc what do you do with all that weight

  4. Beautiful just beautiful Jorge Cervantes! It's 9/24 here in northern I'll,, not sure if it's time to start the harvest. Been very hot and dry,,my girls are a cross of jack heare (sic) and chronic,,, so my real question is when?? Have ur newest encyclopedia,👍❤️ and some branches look ready and others are not there yet. I don't want to do it too early??? Been a fan for many many years and any and all help will be greatly appreciated H😎

  5. hey Jorge I had question for my big plants they are throwing small buds is there a reason for that?🤔I got videos of my girls on my page but i am asking you cause it seems like you know your stuff please respond back

  6. Jorge, I love you man. I'd give one of my limbs to be your apprentice. I'm loving the videos, it allows me to live vicariously through your activities. I was thinking yesterday as I watched the tour of the Medicine Man facility, could you do one video at the end of the tour that is a time lapse of the camera man doing a full facility tour in maybe 1.5x or 2x speed? So that way the viewers get a little more video content but also can get a better appreciation for the grand scale? Just an idea, anyways, I love what you do and you are truly an inspiration.

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