Hemp Legalization, Marlboro Invests in Cannabis, CBD and ADD and more!

Lots to discuss. Join me live for a jam packed show! I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at these places sometimes too! ?PATREON: …


  1. bro actually about American law and farming. the first hemp regulation in America was that farmers were required by England to grow a certain percentage of their crop as hemp. required by the queen

  2. EVERYTHING was made with hemp before 1937 anti cannabis stamp act. They even put a temporary reversal on the moratorium on growing hemp during WW2 so they could fulfill all the orders for uniforms and rope etc. Then after WW2 it went back to illegal to grow because cotton and black people and cannabis. oh and 9/11 and mexico will pay for the wall. constitution was written on hemp paper, sails on every tall ship were made of hemp, rope was made of hemp, clothes were made of hemp, list goes on and on.

  3. When will you realize, "legalization, & Regulation" isn't "exciting", "Interesting", Or even necessary!!!
    Put the put the plant back in the garden, grow Without chemicals, so you'll get the apoptosis benefits.
    I'm sure that 95% or more of you aren't even aware of why you should grow your own.
    Never mind how you should.

    Major investments in cannabis growing by Philip Morris, Disgusts me to no Fucking end…
    & excites you???

  4. Smoking on Pain Killer Thc-0.00% Thca-0.72% Thcv-0.40% CBD 0.37% CBDA-19.81% Cbg-0.10% Cbga-0.20% Thank You Sir , Was a Good Show as i sit here and watch the Chat and Laugh Have a Good One Homie….

  5. Boycott big business bud. Period. The Earth gave us the miracle of cannabis, don't allow corporations to steal it and turn it into the next GMO "cash" crop. Buy from small businesses or grow it yourself. Cannabis belongs to the common man, let's make sure it stays in our hands.

  6. Question shouldnt be who will give us 2 billions, but do we really need 2 billions right now? I think there is no need for such an absurd investment. Malrboro bought much more than half of the company, in just think where it might lead us in the future? I smell danger, thats all.

  7. Back in 95 I was printing cigarette packs , millions and millions of them. Anyway , we had this top secret job to do for a trial run for Phillip Morris , Fingerprint / Eye scan , just to get in our area. Phillip Morris had us print up a half pallet of Marlboro red hair. 20 class A Joints…. No shit. Guess they were way ahead of the times….Thought you might like that little crazy Trivia.

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