Illinois Catholic Bishops oppose marijuana legalization

Illinois` Roman Catholic bishops have taken a stand against legalizing recreational use of marijuana. The six bishops issued a statement Monday that they …


  1. Read Genesis 1 verse 29😂😂😂😂
    Morons. Not all weed gets you high. It's THC. Hemp is high in protein. Cannibidiol is treating symptoms if Parkinson's. If anyone is partaking in Satan's cabbage it's the fat cats bankrolling cash by keeping people in the private prison system. Timothy 6 verse 10. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil

  2. Illinois bishops should be ashamed for saying this. I believe that cannabis consumption is not at all sinfull and to the contrary, many are touched and healed by the Holy Spirit through this wonderful and beneficial living substance

  3. Just keep your kids away from catholic bishops and you should be fine . In my hometown parents don't leave their kids with bishops and priests , too many pedophiles and the pope does shit ! The benefits of legalization outweighs the harms if you would just read up on the subject.

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