Illinois Legalization of Cannabis Explained

May 4, 2019 – JB Pritzker with Democrats Steans and Cassidy released the details of their adult use of cannabis plan – it is huge and here is the full rundown of …


  1. I have not made it through all your videos as of today. My question, you said 5 plus plants for home grown does the statement mean. Five plants Pre legal Persons of 21 years or older of legal residents in a household. Does this mean 2 people of legal residents of a home age 21 can grown 10 plants in the same house legally. Thanks for your time.

  2. So under the law if your a medical dispensary you can be grandfathered in to sell recreational on Jan 1st 2020? That would be good. Since a lot of people wouldn’t want to wait around till the end of 2020.

  3. Thank you Tom. I'm in East St. Louis Illinois, definitely one of the communities, disproportionately effected by the "war on drugs". Please tell me where are poor people, such as myself, supposed to get $10k-$20k, to start a business in this industry? People who have been victimized by racists legislation and policies, don't generally have well paying jobs or "good credit". The summery of this proposed legislation, exposes the disingenuous nature of the law. Its appears to have the past injustices perpetrated against poor people of color, in consideration, by making licensing fee concessions, for the victims. Yet, everyone must know that these fees, are far beyond the reach of poor felons. Some very low interest loans and grants need to be made available, if the true spirit of the law is to be realized.

  4. We have got to love this governor and his committee, THIS IS SO KIND, COMPASSIONATE, BEAUTIFUL! I am going to twitter my governor right now, I am sending him a massive hug. You also, I live near Galena, if ever you're out this way I would like to host a meet up. Thank you, in all this Trump gloom, THIS IS SO GREAT!
    Sounds like Oklahoma Blue Law, no lights, no posters, just a raw store, am I correct?

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