Joshua Before After cbd oil for Autism



  1. Beautiful. Moved to tears, I worked as a therapist for an autistic child and had wondered if CBD would help calm his brain and allow him a better chance to focus – allowing his brain to simply CATCH ON to proper healthy patterns.

  2. I have some questions – how it is administered – will be dependent on him all his life – it can be bought without a prescription can be found in uk – if no longer given what happens??

  3. This is wonderful Congratulations. I just purchased 11mg CW im so confused at how to dosage her the suggested 25mg per day. Theres no measurments on the dropper. My 5yr old had huge gains with Camel Milk & Gluten Free diet for a little over a year now. I'm hearing so much about CBD. Oil helping so many ASD Children that I've finally decided to give it a try. She needs more help because of new agressive self behaviors out of frustration. Any suggestions on how to get the correct 25mg measuments per day administered with a no number dropper?

  4. Hi it is very impressive and I see a lot of your boy in mine before cbd, we just started with cbd he is taking 2mg/kg of rh oil 2.5 how much are you using for your boy I would like to see the same results for mine I wish it a lot. Also which therapies is he taking? Langugage? Ocupational? We have our son on a regular school trying to get him adapted to normal life with normal children but I think he is struggling with repetitive movements trhough the day. Thank yo so much

  5. I really needed this video😊. Our daughter was diagnosed in January at age 2 1/2 with ASD, SPD, global developmental delay, and a few other delays. She turned 3 in June but she has been in speech and OT since age 18 months and started PreK a few weeks ago. Though these things have all helped in some way, she is still basically nonverbal. She says may 5-6 words, self harms and hits and bites others, only non verbally communicates by hand over hand (no pointing). I see so many similarities between my daughter and your son.

    So today was our first day trying CBD oil. I have been wanting try it but a little afraid. Afraid because I don’t know the long term effects but more so afraid because of what people would say or think. I finally put those fears behind me and took the leap lol. It may be only the first day but I really felt like I could a positive already. Felt that she was able to regulate her emotions somewhat.

    This video and the video you made on the dosage amounts are highly valued by me. So thank you and I can’t wait to watch more of your videos.

    Much love from this family to your beautiful family!!! 🧩❤️👏🏻

  6. I watched this video and immediately drove to another state just to get my son this medicine as soon as I could as waiting for it to be shipped was time I did not have to waste. I've never cried so hard as a man watching my son cover his ears and flap his hands after a OTC/speech therapy session. To stop saying mommy/daddy daily to nothing but noises that I've come to find known as stimming. The second week of his OTC and speech therapy I whaled. I just didn't know the fight I was in for and immediately called every stem cell therapy center I could to begin treatment for my 2 yr old. Turned down and away and pointed to autism diagnosing centers which would only waste more precious time. He just began attending a learning center 6 days ago, only to be sent home his third day with a call from the director stating she" just doesn't think he's a good fit for their program. He needs too much attention." Broke my heart. My two yr old being "kicked out" of school because he's sensitive to screaming? They may be quick to give up but I refuse to EVER give up on my son. He's on his second day of 1ml doses and has already verbalized the word "more" today which we've been working on signing for 2wks. I will pray for the similar results in my child like Joshua as well as the rest of you all as I have began this journey to rehabilitating my little boy. We now have hope for getting our little boy back.

  7. I took cbd oil for pain and arthritis I was On numerous pain meds and like most got addicted to them I wanted out of u see the meds but needed something that would help and I found it cbd oil thank goodness I tried it

  8. Hi guys thankyou for sharing your video. Through this me and my wife decided to buy cbd oil for our 3 years and 7 months old Daughter.She has autism and has very similar beheviour like your son. It has been 3 weeks now and we see lot of improvements in her. Sie is very awake. Learning new things every day. Her kindergarten teacher asked me what did i do with my daughter that she had changed so much in these 3 weeks. Its has been so blessful for. Its so sad that doctors don't tell us about cbd oil.And these oil are damn expensive here in Gernany. I use 20 % cbd oil and only 2 drops of them for her. I hope your son is getting better day by day i would like to know more about his improvements. You have been lifesaver for us. Thanyiu again. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  9. My daughter is 29 months. She never responds to her name and does exactly what your son did before. She doesn’t even interact with her baby sister. Breaks my heart bc I want her with me but she’s in ‘another world’ the silence rips my heart. I’m frustrated with her doctor who says to give it time but if she’s Autistic I need early intervention

  10. hi .your sun he just like my daughter completly exact like her in everythings she is 3 years old now .but she is not talking yet .when i seen your sun when he is 4 years old talking i crayed bcz he give me a hope and happiness .i want to try cbd hope she will starr talking .thnx a lot our angel joshua

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