JWeis LIVE | 008 Marijuana and CBD Laws in Texas

Shawn McDonald of Smith McDonald Bolin explains what the current Texas laws are related to Marijuana possession and CBD oils. He also explains how …


  1. Law enforcement will not respect you saying you will not talk without your lawyer, that your lawyer advised you of that or he told you not to consent to a search no matter what, NO COP will respect that fuckin answer. This guy is way out of touch and delirious. He’s smokin crack. If you told that shit to any cop he would start giving you shit asking u “why won’t you talk? If you’re not hiding anything why wouldn’t you talk? Why can’t I search? You’re not hiding anything? Why would your lawyer tell you not to let me search if you don’t have anything?” Any cop would start acting like the manipulative stupid piece of shit they are.

  2. The thing they should’ve asked the guy was what do you do when: the cop asks for consent to search, you say no, but the cops says he’ll bring a dog and if the dog alerts he has probable cause and you know that no matter what that dog is gonna alert to finding weed. That’s their loophole. How can you fight that?? If you say no they’re gonna search it anyway.

  3. I disagree with him saying the smell of "weed" is probable cause. with the new cbd and hemp laws coming into effect through the farm bill, how would the officer know if he's smelling actual marijuana or some hemp derived product which is legal? marijuana and hemp in the eyes of the law have two different definitions now, and they both smell the same. could you have him go further into detail on this?

  4. so the federal law says hemp is not a controlled substance anymore with the 2018 farm bill and hemp can have up to .3% thc how can I get in trouble if its no longer a controlled substance

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