Legal weed in New Jersey not a slam dunk for Gov. Murphy and Democrats

Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy’s plan to legalize marijuana for recreational use in New Jersey is running into opposition from lawmakers in his own party. A half dozen Democratic senators…


  1. They are all such sneaky liars. They give excuses like, oh there are bigger issues, or we should improve education, etc. How about doing them all?? They act like its a choice. Education or legal weed? And the public doesn't think to say BOTH! Its like the old argument that the anti-science crowd puts out like, if we didn't give money to NASA, we could feed the all the homeless people. True but guess what? We could feed all the homeless people and still increase NASA's budget 3x! We're the wealthiest nation on Earth. Notice how they never use the military. 700 billion goddamn dollars a year bombing strangers on the other side of the planet. Talk about a waste of money. Its never a choice between that and weed, or education, or science. I'm so sick of all these liars.

  2. I don't know if Trump will even approve legalizing marijuana even for recreational purpose. A lot of scientific studies confirmed that even Marijuana's chemical components used for medicinal purpose can destroy the sanity of humanity and can cause brain damage too. That's the reason why Marijuana has been illegal in many countries.

  3. the so-called universal healthcare is not working at all and has taken soo much money from other legitimate gov programs its not even funny, social security being one of those programs, legalization of marijuana i love this one because democrats are stupid on this FDR your precious liberal criminalized pot and you savior that is Obama and Clinton both promised a national legalization both didnt do it, enviromental protection has made trillions of dollars without 1 prediction being close to true the earth has been cooling for over 5 years, minimum wage went from $5.15/hour to $7.25/hour , meanwhile the price of everything and i mean EVERYTHING has at least doubled mostly tripled or more, and Finally, gay marriage is a flimsy thing considering marriage is a religious ceremony while churches being sued for not wanting to do them while the belief of christianity adamantly opposes this as in the words of God in Leviticus "Homosexuality is an abomination." there are many other reasons for these but i think you should at least research shit for yourself…… heres a start

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