Marijuana legalization stalled in New York and New Jersey as support dwindles

Just a few months ago, New York and New Jersey appeared to be on the way to legalizing recreational marijuana. Now, efforts in both states appear to be falling …


  1. OMG blackberry kush. The sweetness of it. The smell and taste. I don't mind being a sober guy smelling heaven everywhere I go. Better than watching druggies and junkies. Need to avoid hardcore drugs and need to do heavy crackdown on it. Cannabis is safer by far than any other drugs. Might as well legalize and avoid the harm and cause of junkies. Just watching people fall, it's sickening and hurts a lot. Need to avoid it and have countermeasures to avoid people getting hurt from drugs, besides its better than having all these meds with all these side effects.

  2. What a joke Murphy is.. We gotta wait until 2020 election will be on the ballet when u vote for the president… Doesn't matter though the black market prices are still cheaper…

  3. THANKS GUYS!!! Now I can CONTINUE to suffer with chronic fatigue and CONTINUE to not be able to do anything I used to like to do due to a brain injury while sledding! THANKS USELESS MONSTERS! 😘

  4. As most of you know, I volunteer with church groups to identify and cure people of the marijuana epidemic that is ravaging our great nation. There are people on this thread that have clearly fallen prey to this insidious hard core drug. With the HOAs blessing I would like to start an intervention, with the HOA approved bible of course. We will need to set up a location away from our beloved community as these interventions can become violent when an addict isn't ready to accept the lord and savior into their lives. God bless all HOA members and never give up this necessary fight.

  5. We have medicinally legal over here in pa. It’s crap, yea total garbage. It literally takes 9 weeks just for me to become a caregiver and receive my card. Taking care of my mother who’s going through cancer stuff that’s gotten really bad. The amount of hoops you have to jump through makes me violently ill. She can’t eat, sleep, or use the bathroom without pain. 4 months to receive a card that we needed 5 months ago. Had to resort to.. illegal means.

    The crime is done by our government when they restrict people from getting the medicine that they desperately need. I hope someone sues the crap out of ‘them’ for a change. Just legalize this damn plant and end the headache already. I’m no fan of cannabis myself. I personally think it’s a disgusting habit (yea, yea I down straight vodka not the point lol).

    I guess Pennsylvania will just have to wait till 2032. We will be the last state to legalize; think about it really. Too many Dutchy Amish like folk not ready to embrace change over here. I ask around, morale is low. My 2 cents on this… I have a date with a bottle. Водка помогает.

  6. Sativa would be the strain that would be like your Red Bull energy drink and Indica would be like say, your Over The Counter Excedrin PM products? Marijuana is legal medically but not recreationally in Ohio.

  7. Sad how people are still doing time for bud in NY and NJ. In Cali they get all the fun in the sun. Meanwhile on the east coast you go to jail for the same stuff. They can even open stores out there… NJ & NY is my home but right now they wack AF!

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