1. Alguém do Brasil?
    Gostaria de divulgar este vídeo. Legendas em Português urgente!
    Vergonha de ter nascido no Brasil. Milhares de pessoas sofrendo com doenças terríveis. Meu filho tem Epilepsia. Tenho dor crônica. Odeio estes governantes mercenários.

  2. Re post :

    Janie Maedler This will probably get lost in the comments but Rylie does not take “CBD without THC” for anyone inquiring. She takes a full spectrum cannabis oil that contains CBD and approximately 7% THC, she also takes THCA and a few other cannabis products as you could see such as a nasal spray. Her regimen is suited for her needs as it should be for any medical patient.

  3. I want to let people here know that cannabis oil does not cause any narcotic affect whatsoever. I noticed that it hadn't been stated in this video, mind you I am only a minute & a half in & at this point it hadn't been stated as of yet, so I felt the need to educate those who may not be aware of this fact. There is zero possibility that this product could be used in a recreational way.

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