New Marijuana Legislation Focused on Conflict Between Federal and State Law, Sen. Gardner Says

Apr.09 — Senator Cory Gardner, a member of the foreign relations committee and a Republican from Colorado, discusses new marijuana legislation and the …


  1. ask any cop in a non legal state- is it your job to interfere with the commerce or the buying and selling of marijuana. they always say yes. I say …you violate us code 1951 that's racketeering by the federal government and all police. AND they violate us code 242. cannabis is a right from God. gen.9:3 kjv

  2. Let's follow the money. That corruption at its finest. O we could make a lote of money off of this. First we inackted laws against it to make money. Now we are going to make it legal so we can make big money. Just like alcohol. The laws are not working for the benefit of the people there maid for the money the government can make off of it. I'm tired of my government screwing the American people with law that make them money. Get out of my pocket. Corruption at its finest.

  3. Sessions is gone. DOJ needs to bug out and inforce what congress says.

    That policy of allowing State to State to decide what they want to do has created a mess. The federal government needs to remove Marijuana from schedule 1 and just freeking legalize it nationaly for any use. Time has come and gone on this issue. Legalize it!

    Its not a state issue, its a federal issue.

  4. Marijuana or driver's license you know it's a big hoax is this a drug Bill why don't we just put some goddamn heroin in the goddamn works because heroine takes care of asthma look at back in many years in the 1920s it was used for what what would you use for anybody have any factual evidence well listen before you behind the wheel of a car and your higher you should be pulled over your car towed could you can't get insurance because you get high take away driver's license and give them their marijuana or give a driver's license and no marijuana you make the choice cuz that is the law under the influence is on the damn phones

  5. If the federal government can enforce its marijuana laws and conduct raids on Cannabis businesses then it’s not federal overreach for the government to legalize marijuana

  6. Why are old people (that are going to die in the next 20 years) saying whether or not we are allowed to smoke weed? Like Jesus Christ, the statement, "I'm against the legalization of marijuana" is equivalent to, "I'm against happiness, more taxes for the state, and i like putting innocent people in jail." Seriously, life is already hard enough. Why can't a hypothetical guy/girl in a strict state smoke a joint after a hard day of school/work and unwind? I'll never understand these old boomer mindsets.

  7. I would love and cant wait to see marijuana re-considered by the Federal Govt, Especially on crimes with marijuana and the army. Coming from my prospective, I got in trouble 9 years ago for 2 oz ($250) of pot and was treated as i was selling 200 pounds and in the state of Florida causing me to loose great jobs, education funding. Now I will never be able to apply for the army even 9 years later, And never being in trouble since or before… I know the army doesn't need stoner's or any drug users, But what about people who honestly made a mistake and have since been changed their lifestyle.

  8. There will always be excuses stop hiding behind crap excuses and do what is right majority of Americans want cannabis legalized and the federal government doesn't give a s..t what the American people want there is not one good reason a legitimate reason marijuana is not legal the war on drugs started in the 30s by a man who didn't know anything about marijuana except black people and brown people smoked it guess what white people smoked it back then too and we still do end the failed war on drugs let America reap the benefits.

  9. Do not rush on this. First decriminalize marjiuana and other drugs and charge a penalty, community service,etc in the national law After that then make a law stating that the controlled substances act does not apply in states that have legalized drugs( in this case, marijuana). Then eventually decriminalize all the other drugs( only possession, but if it's the sale or trafficking of drug then heavy fines, community service can be imposed on drug dealer. Then if the nation wants to take that path, legalize it in the next decade or so

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